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Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. – 2014


North American Office
1757-10 Veterans Memorial Hwy
Islandia, NY 11749
Phone: (877) 4DPL-USA; (631) 851-8810
Fax: (631) 851-8815
E-mail: service@lohmann-inc.com
Website: www.lohmann-inc.com

Responding to the Changing Needs of Customers

Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG is a leading manufacturer of specialty mineral salts with more than 125 years of manufacturing experience. The company combines innovation and flexibility to enable it to respond rapidly to the changing needs of its customers, while offering products with the highest quality possible.

Key U.S. Personnel
• Patrick Stano, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, North America
• Ralf Dieckhoff, Vice President of Sales & Administration, North America


Dr. Paul Lohmann offers customers the following:
• A long history of manufacturing expertise
• Customized product development
• Two ISO (International Organization for Standarization)-and GMP (good manufacturing practice)-certified production sites located in Germany
• State-of-the-art production equipment

Products Offered

Dr. Paul Lohmann offers more than 350 different mineral salts in a variety of qualities, including:
• Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, K, Zn, and several other metals in a large variety of salts, such as; acetates, citrates, gluconates, sulfates, fumarates, oxalates, aspartates, etc.
• Micronized minerals
• Microencapsulated minerals
• High-purity food grade minerals
• Triturations of trace minerals Markets Served The company supplies mineral salts to the following industries:
• Food and Beverage
• Nutritional Supplements
• Personal Care
• Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
• Technical