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Vitatech Nutritional Sciences, Inc. – 2014


2802 Dow Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: (714) 832-9700
Fax: (714) 731-8482
E-mail: vitatech@vitatech.com
Website: www.vitatech.com

Transforming Vision Into Reality With Expertise

Vitatech Nutritional Sciences, Inc. is a 60-year, U.S.-based manufacturer and innovator of dietary supplements and nutritional products. The company formulates, manufactures and packages nutritional solutions in powder, two-piece capsule and tablet form in a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-licensed, cGMP (current good manufacturing practice), NSF-Sport pharmaceutical environment.

• Powders, two-piece capsules, tablets, capsule banding, enteric coating, formulation

• Building your business success
• Market differentiation
• cGMP compliance
• Multiple vitamins and minerals
• Herbs, herbal extracts and concentrates
• Science-smart formulation and design
• Clean formulations

Vitatech Exemplifies
• Trust
• Security
• Established history
• A modern analytical laboratory
• Containment testing (microbiological and heavy metals)
• Innovative formulation design
• High-volume/high speed equipment
• Packaging services
• Dedicated team of professionals
• Rigorous quality assurance.

Transform Your Vision to Reality With Vitatech Experience

Vitatech invests in the most advanced equipment, technology and processes, and most importantly, dedicated professionals: real people with purpose. The company offers market-specific formulation and marketing counsel for healthy business success. Vitatech’s comprehensive quality assurance program and strict cGMP- certified controls ensure that client products meet the most exacting standards.

Technologies, Experience, Capabilities

Vitatech’s high-speed encapsulation machines are built for precision. Monitored by its quality control inspectors, the company’s technology ensures uniform end products and accurate fill weights every time, producing tamper-resistant two-piece capsules—including banded capsules—and reducing costs by operating at peak efficiency.

• World-class high volume powder blending
• High-speed, computer-controlled tableting
• High-volume, water-based continuous coating systems
• Pharmaceutical laboratory licensed since 1954
• In-house analytical laboratory
• Comprehensive quality assurance program
• Gusset bag and daily pack powder filling capability

Major Markets
• Multi-level
• Direct selling
• Private label
• Trusted partner for national brands

Global Reach
• Vitatech serves private label clients in more than 22 countries.

Key Executive
• Thomas T. Tierney, President and CEO