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2014 Human Clinical Studies

Once Again Nut ButterNOW Private Label


For more than a decade, Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) has tried to cultivate relationships between ingredient suppliers and finished product manufacturers by providing Science of Supplements sections to highlight the research supporting ingredients that can help finished products stand out. In the interest of furthering that cause and providing greater insight into suppliers’ efforts, NIE offers its Human Clinical Studies section.

Clinical trials provide the clearest support for an ingredient’s safety and efficacy. If a study is successful, it can yield significant returns on investment for a company. The payoff of a successful study can include health claims substantiation, use in scientific conference presentations and publication in peer-reviewed medical journals—all resulting in increased sales and distribution with manufacturers eager to incorporate proven ingredients in their formulas.

NIE has given companies a chance to provide detailed descriptions of the trials that have been conducted on their specific ingredients—study intention, design, results and conclusions—and highlight the applications for which these ingredients have proven safe and efficacious. NIE has also provided ample company information to foster immediate connections with parties interested in learning more.
 Following is the list of companies in this year’s Human Clinical Studies Section:


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