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Keeping Rhythm

January 12, 2017

As natural ingredients that address heart health continue to evolve and grow, suppliers are working on broadening awareness. [...]

Omega-3s: Full Steam Ahead

November 14, 2016

Despite overhang from iffy research conclusions and attendant mass media frenzies, the industry boldly forges ahead with [...]

Taming the Beast?

October 3, 2016

The natural products industry has different views on how to tackle the FDA and the challenges that confront us in 2017. The [...]

Sport Stars

October 3, 2016

Sports nutrition ingredients reflect athletes’ goals to build muscle, reduce catabolism and enhance recovery. With the [...]

Without a Trace?

September 6, 2016

Not if the natural products industry has anything to say. Manufacturers and experts silence the critics by taking ownership [...]

Investing in Natural Defenses

September 6, 2016

With immune response in a constant state of adaption, consumers’ interest in long-term, natural approaches to health holds [...]

Under Contract

September 6, 2016

When considering new products or relaunches, contract manufacturers help guide brand marketers to success. Contract [...]
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