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Kemin Launches Bakery and Snack Resource Guide

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Kemin Industries (Des Moines, IA), a leading provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions that help manufacturers keep food and beverage products safe, high quality and appealing, has recently developed a bakery and snack resource guide. The guide illustrates key aspects of the oxidation process, including the antioxidant mode of action, to show bakery and snack manufacturers how antioxidants can help protect their brands.

“We are pleased to share this at-a-glance resource guide with the baking and snack industry,” said Courtney Schwartz, senior marketing communications manager for Food Technologies. “With this guide, we’ve created a helpful resource that simply illustrates the complex process of oxidation, how it affects product quality and how antioxidants and plant extracts can delay oxidation to lengthen shelf-life and help maintain consumer loyalty.”

The bakery and snack resource guide uses visually appealing infographics to:

  • Highlight how lipid oxidation negatively impacts bakery and snack products with three modes of failure: color, flavor and quality.
  • Illustrate antioxidants’ mode of action and their role in significantly delaying or preventing oxidation.
  • Consider how formulation changes can affect brand goals of price, label and transparency, as well as consumer loyalty.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Kemin provides bakery and snack food processors, manufacturers and formulators the ability to reduce costs, control inventory and meet demand, all while providing the visual appeal and flavor protection consumers demand.

To view or download the baking and snack guide, visit www.kemin.com/en/north-america/markets/food-technologies/market-segments/bakery-snack/sensory-appeal.

For more information, visit www.kemin.com.

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