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Natural Technology Reduces Sugar Requirements in Chocolate

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MycoTechnology, Inc. (Denver, CO) announced the release of  new products in an effort to revolutionize the food industry by reducing taste defects in cacao.

According to MycoTechnology, the  focuses on making better tasting foods using a proprietary all-natural, non-GMO, non-chemical process by adding their MycoSmoothTM process utilizes gourmet mushrooms such as reishi and cordyceps, which feed on bitter components of targeted foods.

The company announced the availability of a process that allows the production of better tasting chocolates with greatly reduced amounts of sugar.

“By nature, cacao beans are not sweet and require a significant amount of added sugar to mask the bitterness,” reported the company, noting when cacao beans undergo the MycoSmooth process, great tasting chocolate can be made with little to no added sugar.

The MycoSmooth process was first applied to coffee beans in 2013 with outstanding results, according to the company, adding even low quality robusta beans treated with the MycoSmooth process, brew into smooth, full-bodied coffee that can easily be consumed without any additional sugar or creamers.

Since 2013, MycoTechnology’s research department has perfected the process for coffee and cacao and is now working on a variety of other food compounds.

For more information, visit www.mycotechcorp.com.



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