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Selecting the Best Saw Palmetto Extract: How to be Sure

By Linda Roxanne Bryer

The recent events in the news regarding inconsistencies in the quality of herbal supplements—based on the attorney general of New York’s random “testing” of botanical extracts—have created a “buyer beware” mentality. This issue has raised lots of eyebrows—and a lot of questions—from consumers, the media, and other industry manufacturers alike. It also has raised awareness of the absolute necessity for reputable companies to reassure their customers that their botanicals—take saw palmetto as one example—are not only regulatory compliant, but safe as well as efficacious. Today, so many saw palmetto extracts are available on the American marketplace, it leaves everyone with the question: How can consumers be sure?

This is where Euromed USA comes in.

This company has been creating outstanding botanical extracts for more than 40 years, and has always been consistently compliant. The company’s high quality extracts have not only been tested for safety, efficacy and purity, but has also won the seals of approval now needed more than ever before. In 2012, Euromed USA was awarded the NSF GMP (good manufacturing practice) Certification in record time, followed by receiving the prestigious ISO 14001 Certification.

High Standards: Visible Proof

Euromed USA has set the bar high. Euromed’s saw palmetto extracts—as with all of the company’s botanical extracts—are manufactured according to the highest standards in the industry: using good agricultural practices, optimal extraction technology, and performing 20 laboratory tests for identity, purity and potency.

The company’s proprietary PhytoProof process represents the ultimate in quality control. Joe Veilleux, general manager of Euromed USA, stated “Our PhytoProof emblem is the new golden seal of approval that offers recognizable proof positive that Euromed’s strict quality control standards stand behind each and every botanical extract we produce, signifying our company’s ability to consistently deliver a proven effective product. It is our goal for everyone to know that they can ‘Be Sure with Euromed.’”

Now more than ever before, it is critical for consumers and manufacturers alike to use only extracts that have been scientifically proven to work via studies. When consumers or manufacturers use saw palmetto extracts that do not have any clinical proof behind them, they are taking an unnecessary risk with their health.

Reassurance in its Highest Form: Science

Euromed’s branded CO2 supercritical saw palmetto extract, sold under the registered name of Prosterol, has been the subject of important recent studies. The most recent study, published just last month, is a mechanism of action study of Prosterol versus the original prescription drug standard for treating enlarged prostate in men: a drug called finasteride. In this study, Euromed’s extract, Prosterol, was found to work in the same way as and just as well as finasteride,1 and just as well as another well-known saw palmetto extract that is made with the harsh solvent, hexane.2-5

Another significant study is a human clinical trial done with a popular European prostate product that uses Euromed’s Prosterol exclusively. In this study, Euromed’s extract was found to be just as effective as the current largest selling prescription drug for enlarged prostate (a product called tamsulosin or Flomax).6

This offers many benefits: No doctor’s prescription is necessary to obtain a proven effective treatment; it spares the expense of the medical practitioner’s fees; it spares the high costs of prescription drugs; and, most importantly for health, it eliminates exposure to drug-related side effects.

For additional information about Euromed’s extracts, call (877) 696-3960 or email BeSure@EuromedUSA.com


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