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Telomere-based Ingredient

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Telomeres are defined as the protective tail at the end of a chromosome structure that conveys the genetic material information of our cells. Telomeres keep our chromosomes intact and functioning to reproduce cells, the key to healthy aging. Telomere length is very essential for good health. Having long telomeres is an indication of a healthy individual.

Telomere shortening is correlated with human disease and aging. Short telomeres impair the ability of healthy cells to divide and function properly. Longer telomeres are associated with healthy cell replication and longevity.

Scientific research conducted on new the anti-aging ingredient Telos95, which is a proprietary discovery and is the result of more than a decade of research initiated by the inventor, Ahmad Alkayali/CEO, Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc., based in California. The initial research was about SIR2 Protein and Telomere maintenance in relation to the aging process. After experimenting with many purified natural compounds the research finally succeeded with the perfected composition of Telos9, scientifically validated to work, according to the company.

Telos95 is isolated from a natural blend of organic grapevine and olive leaves. This is highly purified into active polyphenol compounds having an extremely high antioxidant profile capacity to fight free radicals and slow down the aging process of our healthy cells. Telos95 supplement mechanisms of action are to halts the shortening of healthy telomeres. This stabilization of the telomeres allows the healthy chromosomes to continue duplication. A healthy telomere is genetically programmed to duplicate 50- to 60 times before cell death.

Telos95 is available in granule powder/capsule form and can be easily formulated into capsules, tablets, beverages, cereal, nutrition bars, yogurt, ice cream, chewing gum and chocolate bars. Recommended daily human adult dosage is only 65mg. capsule/tablet taken daily with food. It is a safe and effective dietary supplement concentrated from a natural botanical source.
Clinical Studies and Research proven that shorter telomere length is associated with osteoporosis and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, cognitive impairment and dementia. Most Americans over the age of 60 suffer from many of these conditions. Scientific research indicates that Telos95 active compounds regulate and produce cell energy and can lead to increased cell replication function in tissues.

Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc. is currently conducting a large-scale, one-year human study to demonstrate Telos95 efficacy through science. Telos95 is also beneficial for veterinary applications to increase performance and endurance in animals, such as racehorses and dogs.

For more information, visit www.certifiednutra.com.