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HerbaKraft, Inc. – 2014


121 Ethel Rd. W., Unit 6
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: (732) 463-1000
Fax: (732) 463-3336
E-mail: info@herbakraft.com
Website: www.herbakraft.com

HerbaKraft: A Quality Supplier

HerbaKraft is the leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of botanical raw ingredients for the nutraceutical, food and beverage and cosmetic industries. The company is an innovator of total customized solutions, as well as an industry-leader in ayurvedic botanicals and tradition.

HerbaKraft’s mission is to supply only premium-quality ingredients that adhere to strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements and exceed regulatory standards to ensure the highest quality standards that today’s consumers expect.

Through its exclusive alliances with other manufacturing partners, HerbaKraft is able to offer proprietary products that cannot be found anywhere else. The company engages in a double testing program. HerbaKraft maintains full accessibility to the QC (quality control) laboratory at the company’s production site, where it routinely performs assays, and microbiological and heavy metal testing on all its ingredients. The company is so certain of the quality of its materials, it will happily send any of them to the third-party laboratory of your choice for further validation. Additionally, HerbaKraft has established a first-class, multinational logistics system that allows for timely delivery of ingredients anywhere in the world.


HerbaKraft was founded in 2004 on a simple premise—manufacturers of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, and functional foods shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to make their products affordable. It was founded by a visionary and veteran in the supply of proprietary branded science-backed ingredients as well as superior-quality generic ingredients that support a wide variety of innovative supplements for consumers. He and his team set about traveling the globe to source ingredients directly from the native growers and processors, with whom HerbaKraft continues to maintain strong relationships.

HerbaKraft continues to invest in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India, which is GMP-certified to bring high-grade, validated ingredients directly from the field to the warehouse. For a decade, the company has ensured that quality is a carefully monitored process. HerbaKraft always provides its clients with documented, high-quality materials, while maintaining affordable prices.

HerbaKraft has also been conceived to emphasize swift response to fulfill production needs. The responsiveness and resourcefulness you won’t find in larger companies. When you need materials shipped within 24 hours, the HerbaKraft team has the skills and resources to meet your needs.

As a manufacturer of dietary supplements, cosmeceuticals, or functional foods, the relationships you have with your raw material suppliers are critical to the success of your business. You can depend on HerbaKraft to deliver genuine materials that meet your specifications and time and budget restraints. These are the guiding principles behind HerbaKraft. Founded by a group of professionals with 25 years of experience in the natural products industry, HerbaKraft is dedicated to providing you with the best possible total purchase experience.

Key Executives
• Vinod Khanijow, Executive Vice President
• Lissett Jaquez, Executive Vice President of Operations
• Ilana Levin, Senior Sales Manager