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LabelArchive, Inc. – 2014


3440 So. Shortleaf Ave.
Boise, ID 83716
Phone: (208) 866-8839
Website: www.labelarchive.com

Package Text Content Management and Print Order Processing in the Cloud

LabelArchive is an interactive web-based application delivering a simple four-point workflow:
• Easy access to current and past versions of label files, including print order history and jpg previews of the label
• A task assignment tool for users
• Print-order processing that includes:
• Order scheduling
• Text editing with highlighted text changes
• Proofing of changes
• Order placement with the printer

User Benefits

Label managers tasked with managing dozens of label image and data files are tasked with challenges including file retrieval, processing text change requests, proofing and order placement. The following features meet all challenges of label management.

Archive Organization

Archived files are easily identified and retrieved, providing print order history with a preview of the label’s last run image.

Commonsense Workflow

Label orders are presented within four basic workflow stations that cover the entire label management process.

Instant Text

Changes Users compose and preview their own text revisions. The edit requester sees the change request in highlighted form, properly laid-out on a preview of the label itself.

Accurate and Efficient Proof Approval

Proofing team members can quickly scrutinize each accepted edit request, highlighted, reducing proofing time from days to a couple of hours.


LabelArchive will automatically revise all graphic files of common labels with different count/weights.

Order Placement

Only a team leader can release the file to a printer with confidence that a well-vetted, current version of the art file is being submitted. LabelArchive helps manage these seven label management functions:
1) Label image and data file archive
2) Order process scheduling
3) User task assignment
4) System activity database maintenance
5) Text and specification revision
6) Revision proofing, distribution and retrieval
7) Final order placement

Key Executives
• Bill March, President, bill@labelarchive.com
• Tami Bosworth, Vice President of Operations, tami@labelarhive.com
• Roy Noren, Vice President of Sales, roy@labelarchive.com

For more information call (208) 866-8839 or visit www.labelarchive.com.