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2017 Company Profiles: HealthCo International

244 Knollwood Dr.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
Phone: (800) 477-3949
Fax: (630) 545-9080
Email: info@healthco-intl.com
Established: 1991

Value Driven, Science-based Products

Since 1991, HealthCo has been providing superior bulk and raw materials and private label services, natural sweeteners and sports nutrition products. The company is proud to offer an extensive selection of value driven, science-based products and reliable customer service. HealthCo offers premium raw materials and bulk product inventory, established/customized private labeling, technical expertise, friendly support and extensive domestic sales and sourcing capabilities.


From raw materials and bulk orders, to private label and specialized products, HealthCo believes that quality products begin with the finest, freshest raw ingredients. New items in the company’s food category include many that are gluten free, organic, kosher and Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) Project Verified. From the company’s 260,000-square-foot operations facility, GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified since 2000, HealthCo manufactures and test all raw materials and finished products to ensure identity, purity and potency. Many of the company’s products utilize patented, trademarked and branded ingredients from companies such as Lonza, National Enzyme, Albion Labs, Sabinsa, InterHealth, among others. Direct importing, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing technology, extensive quality control and longstanding vendor relations allow HealthCo to offer a wide range of nutritional products at very competitive prices. Contact the company for its most current catalog, including its expanding food category.


HealthCo’s goal is to provide ingredients, products and services that enable you to be successful. Whether looking up past orders, tracking order status, obtaining documentation or providing technical support, the company’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will assist you throughout the entire process.


Staying cost-competitive without sacrificing quality or product integrity is one of the most common obstacles facing businesses in the natural product industry. As a company committed to quality, HealthCo can assist you in leveraging the relationship you have with your own customers by providing superior bulk products and private label formulas at fair, competitive prices. By buying in bulk and working closely with some of the top names in the industry, the company has built its own success by finding unique ways to pass these savings on to you.

Raw and Bulk Materials

Regardless of whether you’re looking for bulk powders or finished, shelf-ready formulas, HealthCo offers one of the industry’s most extensive inventories. The company’s highly skilled Quality Control/Quality Assurance department holds all raw material providers to meticulous quality, safety and purity standards, and all raw materials are thoroughly inspected upon arrival. The ongoing investments we’re making in HealthCo’s laboratories, instrumentation and technical employees help it ensure dietary supplement quality. The company’s in-house laboratories are equipped with the most advanced analytical instrumentation and staffed by some of the most knowledgeable employees in the natural products industry.

Private Label Service

HealthCo’s award-winning private label program makes it easy to tailor your own line of premium natural health products, completely personalized to fit your company’s unique image. The company offers hundreds of popular products, and low minimums to help you explore options. Creating your own line of products is virtually effortless; from choosing the best products to fit the scope of your business, to assisting you in selecting a label that jumps off the shelf, HealthCo’s private label specialists will guide you through each step of production, development and shipping.

Personal Care Products

The personal care industry continues to experience explosive growth, and HealthCo is proud to offer some of today’s most exciting products. The company’s essential oils and carrier oils serve as an ideal way to add value to your company’s selection.

Sports Nutrition

HealthCo is one of the very few companies to offer a full spectrum of potent sports nutrition products that are free of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. Whether you’re looking for raw materials or finished formulas, HealthCo is your best source for truly natural sports nutrition and amino acids.

Natural Sweeteners

Stevia FSE—What’s unique about this particular extract is its proprietary preparation: it’s organically grown and goes through an enzyme-treatment process that greatly reduces the aftertaste that’s typically found in Stevia. A high-intensity sweetener with zero-calorie impact, but with a superior taste profile.

Other sweeteners include Xylitol, Beet Sugar, Coconut Sugar, Date Sugar, Dextrose, Erythritol, Fructose, Sucanat and Turbinado Sugar, so HealthCo has a lot of expertise in this category.

Key Contacts

• Regina Flight, Private Label Manager
• Peter Sokoloski, Sales Executive

Main Products

• Natural dietary supplements
• Natural sports nutrition
• Natural health food, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free
• Essential oils and aromatherapy
• Natural sweeteners
• Stevia FSE, Organic
• Bulk capsules, tablets and soft gels