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2017 Company Profiles: Natreon, Inc.

2-D Janine Pl.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (732) 296-1080
Fax: (732) 296-1075
Email: info@natreoninc.com
Website: www.natreoninc.com

Science of Life


To bring scientifically proven ayurvedic products to the dietary supplement, personal care, food and beverage and medical food industries worldwide.


Ayurveda means “science of life” and it has been the traditional practice of medicine in India since 3500 BC. There are nearly 1,500 herbal products in this system of medicine. Ayurvedic products did not gain much recognition in the western world until recently because these products have been made in the traditional way described in ayurveda without any scientific standardization, safety studies and clinical evidence. Natreon, Inc. was founded by pharmaceutical scientists to bring ayurveda to prominence in the world by using a scientific approach.

Natreon, Inc. is an 18-year-old company located in New Jersey with a state-of-the-art R&D facility in Kolkata, India, and is focused on developing and marketing ayurvedic products backed by extensive research, high degree of standardization, multiple clinical studies, safety studies and intellectual property.

R&D Team

The R&D team is headed by Professor Shibnath Ghosal, a Fullbright scholar and an eminent natural product chemist with hundreds of publications in scientific journals and a group of PhD and master’s-level scientists. Natreon’s scientific research includes process optimization, development of chromatographic analytical methods such as HPLC, HPTLC, GC-MS and LC-MS for standardization, development of marker compounds, and pharmacological studies. Safety studies are done in the U.S. and clinical studies are conducted in reputed institutes in India, as well as the U.S.

Product Portfolio

Capros is a super antioxidant (ORACFNFN of 47,000 µmoles TE/g) and an excellent cardiovascular product, which is all natural, derived from the edible fruits of Phyllanthus emblica, organic and non-GMO (genetically modified organism).

• Improves endothelial function by increasing production of nitric oxide and glutathione by more than 50 percent.
• Decreases LDL cholesterol
• Decreases inflammation biomarker hsCRP by more than 50 percent
• Inhibits collagen-induced platelet aggregation significantly
• Increases HDL, decreases triglycerides
• FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) GRAS (generally recognized as safe)

Sensoril is the best-selling ashwagandha in the market with anti-stress, anti-hyperlipidemic, cognition enhancing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is derived from a unique blend of the leaves and roots of Withania somnifera and is available as organic and non-GMO.

• Reduces stress, fatigue and sleeplessness and increases energy
• Experiential product with increasing market share
• Improves mental cognition without significant adverse events
• Backed by 10 clinical studies, self-affirmed GRAS, Pre-DSHEA
• No serious adverse events reported in 14 years of global market history.

PrimaVie is high quality Purified Shilajit from the Himalayas, containing dibenzo-α-pyrones (DBPs), DBP-Chromoproteins (DCP) and Fulvic Acid. PrimaVie naturally contains several trace minerals and is a mitochondrial energy booster.

• Improves male sexual health by increasing total and free testosterone levels and nitric oxide levels
• Increases exercise endurance and overall fitness level
• Up-regulates genes for collagen synthesis and improves the health of skin, connective tissues, muscles, bones, teeth, eyes and blood vessels (patent pending)
• Has an ORAC value that is better than many super fruits
• Decreases overall pain, pain after limb manipulation and pain after physical exertion in moderately arthritic dogs.

Crominex 3+ is a chromium III-polyphenolic complex, which is a safer form of chromium, as evidenced by in-vitro testing. It comes as a fine powder with a 2 percent concentration of chromium, which results in greater content uniformity in the finished capsules or tablets.

• Decreases blood glucose levels, especially post-prandial, in type 2 diabetics when added to standard therapy.
• Decreases arthritic pain in dogs as well as horses.
• Designed to give excellent content uniformity in finished dosage forms.
• Better bioavailability than other forms of chromium
• Economical compared to other branded chromium ingredients—less than 1 cent per 400 mcg dose.

AyuFlex is a clinically proven, water-soluble, vegetarian, organic, non-GMO product for joint health. It is derived from the edible fruits of Terminalia chebula with high concentrations of chebulinic acid and chebulagic acid.

• Improves joint health in subjects with moderate osteoarthritis
• Increases pain threshold force and time in healthy subjects
• Adds to cardiovascular health by reducing TC, LDL, TGs and hsCRP while increasing HDL.
• Vegetarian
• Water-soluble
• Super antioxidant
• Small dosage form

Ayuric is a clinically proven, patent pending, vegetarian, organic, non-GMO product for helping to maintain healthy blood uric acid levels. It is derived from the ayurvedic plant Terminalia bellerica with an ORACFN value of 26,645 µmoles TE/g.

• Decreases uric acid levels by 27 percent in one clinical study
• Exhibits potent xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity
• Prescription gout product allopurinol (based on an in-vitro study)
• Vegetarian
• Water-soluble
• Super antioxidant

Key Executives

• Sanni Raju, PhD, RPh, CEO & Chairman
• Bruce Brown, MPH, MA, President
• Aparna Kalidindi, PharmD, BCPS, Technical Sales & Marketing Manager