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2017 Company Profiles: NutraGenesis LLC

167 Main St., Ste. 208
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone: (802) 257-5345
Fax: (802) 251-6981
Email: info@nutragenesis.com
Website: www.nutragenesis.com
Established: 2002

Proprietary Nutraceutical Ingredients for Better Health

Since its founding in 2002, Vermont-based NutraGenesis has been dedicated to enhancing human health and well-being by providing patented, scientifically validated, market-ready nutraceutical ingredients for dietary supplements, as well as functional food and beverage products. The company offers one-stop convenience while delivering advanced, nutritional solutions that give marketers of branded wellness products a clear competitive advantage. The ingredients in NutraGenesis’ select portfolio possess exceptional purity, quality and comprehensive safety profiles, and are supported by extensive research and testing including human clinical trials. Supported by this research, these advanced, branded ingredients (many of which are also self-affirmed GRAS [generally recognized as safe]) feature highly marketable structure/function claims that address today’s leading health areas, including:

• Stress management
• Cognitive function
• Energy
• Anti-aging/beauty-from-within
• Healthy weight management
• Healthy joint function
• Healthy respiratory function
• Cardiovascular health
• Immune support
• Metabolic wellness

Quality is at the Core of What Nutra-Genesis Does

NutraGenesis is committed to excellence through transparency in all aspects of its business practices, including ingredient quality, clinical efficacy, regulatory compliance and exceptional customer relations. These practices have established a high level of integrity that is appreciated both by the company’s customers and supply partners.

For quality assurance purposes, NutraGenesis shares with customers the integrity of the supply chain including details of ingredient production like manufacturing flow charts, extract ratios, batch records, chains-of-custody and ISO/GMP (good manufacturing practice) certifications. Based on rigorous quality procedures, the company also provides lot-specific ingredient documentation (spec sheets, MSDS’s, certificates of analysis, etc.), which ensures superior compliance, consistency and purity. In addition, NutraGenesis works with it suppliers to ensure that the most up-to-date qualitative ID testing and quantitative analytical testing are utilized.

Featured NutraGenesis Proprietary Ingredients

• AllerGuard Express: Clinically tested, fast-acting nutraceutical that supports respiratory health via a completely new and unprecedented mechanism of action that offers a departure from conventional respiratory support products

• Bergavit 40: Clinically tested nutraceutical extract for cardiovascular health and metabolic wellness that features the most concentrated standardized levels of Bergamot citrus-derived flavonoid bioactives available in North America

• MaitakeGold 404: Patented, clinically tested extract of Maitake mushroom fruit body that provides healthy immune support for every body, every day

• MycoFusions: Innovative, patented, certified-organic mushrooms that merge health-promoting anthocyanin antioxidants from purple corn with exceptional glyconutrients from the most beneficial medicinal mushrooms

• Q-actin: Patented, clinically tested, standardized nutraceutical extract of cucumber that helps promote healthy joint function

• Red Orange Complex: Clinically tested nutraceutical extract of a blend of three varieties of blood orange that possesses outstanding antioxidant, anti-aging, and beauty-from-within skin health benefits

• Sendara: Award-winning, patented anti-aging ashwagandha and amla nutraceutical extract blend that keeps women feeling their best by nourishing both mind and body

• Sensoril: Multi-patented ashwagandha root and leaf standardized extract features the highest levels of ashwagandha bioactives in the industry (standardized to ≥10 percent) and is supported by 10 human clinical trials

• WellBody 365: Patented, next generation nutraceutical formulation that features MaitakeGold 404 mushroom extract-based immune support as well as Sensoril ashwagandha extract, which provides resistance to stress that can affect immune function

NutraGenesis also has two affiliate companies, Icon Group and TradeWorks Group. Each is an industry leader in its respective specialty nutraceutical category, healthy weight management/metabolic wellness (Icon Group) and healthy immune support (TradeWorks Group). Both companies offer clinically tested, self-affirmed GRAS ingredients that feature structure/function claims.

Key Executives:

• Peter McNeary, Chief Executive Officer
• Suzanne McNeary, President & Managing Director
• Bruce Abedon, PhD, Vice President of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs
• Tiea Zehnbauer, MS, Vice President of Sales