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Hydrolyzed Jellyfish Collagen Powder

Jellyfish or sea jellies are invertebrates plankton (from the Greek word planktos, meaning to drift) that have been drifting in seawater for more than 500 million years-before the appearance of dinosaurs. They are gelatinous creatures and can be spotted in different depths, from coastal surface to very deep ocean water. They vary in size and the biggest ever found had a diameter of 8 feet and its tentacles more than 100 feet. Jellyfish are very plain organisms, breathe only through their skin and are only 5 percent solid matter and 95 percent water. A jellyfish does not have a brain, bones, head or heart, and is the only animal that can survive all of the oceans’ deadly zones. The growth of jellyfish never stops and a single jellyfish can release as many as 45,000 eggs each day, which are carried by sea currents around the oceans, creating unpleasant environmental conditions for coastal areas. Millions of jellyfish can swarm together, which causes problems for fisheries and tourism. There are many different types of jellyfish species, including stinging type called medusa and non-stinging type called ctenophores. One species is biologically immortal and never dies.

Edible Jellyfish

For centuries, Asian countries’ most popular delicacy is dried jellyfish. Jellyfish contain large amounts of calcium binding collagen proteins. This protein function is known to improve memory and help fight age-related cognitive decline. Research conducted on humans consuming dried jellyfish showed positive results on memory improvements. Calcium binding protein is an important protein for brain function. This protein is naturally made by the brain. However, as we age this protein production starts to decline, causing a supply shortage to regulate the amount of calcium in the brain cells, and this can slow down various brain functions.

KollaJell Hydrolyzed Collagen Types I, II and V – Powder (patent pending)

Hydrolyzed Coastal Jellyfish Collagen is extracted from two species of edible jellyfish. These species contain the highest amount of amino acid collagen types I, II and V. These species are remarkable and unique creatures that contain great source of nutrients and medicinal values to our health. Several studies on hydrolyzed jellyfish conducted in vivo showed positive health benefits to include the improvement of brain functions, reverse photo aging, antioxidants, anti-fatigue, arthritis and anti-cell oxidation; in addition, they help stimulate the immune system and neurological activities. These are an amazing health benefits derived from jellyfish, which are hydrolyzed to special molecular weight to allow our system to assimilate these nutrients and keep our health in tune to fight the aging process.

Certified Nutraceuticals is proud to introduce this new invention of invertebrate collagen protein bind to natural minerals. KollaJell is the creation of many years of research and development under the management of the original inventor of hydrolyzed collagen.

Supported by research in vivo, which confirms the amazing health benefits, including brain functions in age-related neurological issues.


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*In addition to the above, Certified will be conducting its own human study to begin mid-2017

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