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2017 Science of Ingredients: innoVactiv inc.

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InSea2: Optimizing Blood Glucose for Optimal Brain Energy

Today’s highly competitive environment requires everyone to maintain an optimal level of vigilance and performance throughout the day. Unfortunately, biological processes triggered by unwanted blood glucose fluctuations following meals can impair optimal cognitive functions.

The link between blood glucose and brain function is a tricky one. Because brain relies on glucose for energy production, logic dictates that higher blood glucose should support brain function. This simple relationship is however contradicted by recent evidence showing decreasing brain activity following glucose intake.

Two mechanisms support this conflicting relationship. The first one involves the occurrence of hypoglycemic events in individuals ingesting high glycemic index (GI) foods. For example, Nillson showed that subjects eating high-GI bread had decreased cognitive skills 75-225 min after a meal compared to subjects eating low-GI bread. This time frame coincides with a period where blood glucose of subjects fell below fasting levels because of high insulin release in the high-GI group.

A second mechanism involves post-meal generation of various hormones and second messengers that activate sleep patterns. Although already suggested by Bazar, this mechanism gains credible evidence with the demonstration that high-GI meals can increase tryptophan’s availability in healthy volunteers. In addition, high-GI meals reduce sleep onset latency in healthy sleepers, with a maximal effect when the meal is taken four hours before bedtime. This mechanism is fueled by high insulin driving several amino acids inside muscle cells, except for tryptophan that becomes more prevalent in the bloodstream. Tryptophan is the natural precursor to both serotonin and melatonin, two metabolites involved in sleep promotion.

Sustaining optimal cognitive performance can thus be achieved by optimizing blood glucose in the critical after-meal period. Optimizing post-meal glucose and insulin will reduce the odds of hypoglycemic events that directly limit brain functions, and prevent the imbalance in brain metabolites created by insulin.

InSea2: The Most Effective Carb Optimizer Available Today

InSea2 is a natural, caffeine-free, non-stimulant, organic and GMO (genetically modified organism)-free dietary ingredient that reduces undesired after-meal fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin. Containing purified polyphenols from two species of brown seaweeds, InSea2 is clinically shown to modulate digestion and assimilation of carbohydrates through inhibition of pancreatic α-amylase (starch) and intestinal α-glucosidase (sugar) enzymes. Because of its well-demonstrated effects, it was hypothesized that InSea2 could help promote optimal mental energy after meal.

InSea2: New Human Clinical Trial Results

A human clinical study was thus undertaken at Northumbria University (U.K.). This randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study examined the acute effects of pre-meal InSea2 on vigilance, memory and mental acuity in 60 healthy subjects aged 18 to 65. Participants completed baseline and six post-meal cognitive assessments. The meal consisted of waffles with maple syrup and contained 50 g of carbs as starch and sugar.

These results demonstrate that InSea2 improves cognitive performance compared to placebo, as shown by significant improvement in digit vigilance accuracy and prevention of the decline in choice reaction accuracy over placebo. Notably, this effect was most striking during the period 80–240 minutes after meal, coinciding with cognitive improvements associated with low-GI bread intake reported by Nilsson. Placebo subjects were also significantly more error-prone in performing repetitive tasks, making a total of 1,644 errors across all post-meal assessments, compared to 1,395 errors for InSea2 subjects (15 percent difference in error rate).

Findings of this latest human study are particularly relevant as they appear following the first intake of the ingredient and translate into tangible benefits to users of InSea2. Available exclusively from innoVactiv, InSea2 represents a truly superior option for optimizing blood glucose and mental energy throughout the day.


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