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2017 Science of Ingredients: NutraGenesis LLC

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Red Orange Complex is an Advanced Antioxidant and Beauty-From-Within Skin Health Nutraceutical Ingredient

Red Orange Complex is a clinically tested nutraceutical that possesses outstanding antioxidant, anti-aging, and beauty-from-within skin health benefits. It is obtained through a proprietary extraction process from the juice of three highly pigmented varieties of blood orange (Moro, Tarocco and Sanguinello), which are grown on the lush hillsides surrounding Mount Etna, a volcano in Sicily, Italy. Red Orange Complex contains anthocyanin, hydroxycinnamic acid, flavanone and ascorbic acid bioactive components that together help promote healthy antioxidant levels and skin health when taken orally (beauty from within). This proprietary nutraceutical can also make a significant contribution to addressing the aging process.

Human Clinical and Pre-clinical Research Has Demonstrated Red Orange Complex’s Antioxidant and Anti-aging Properties

Sports activities can induce production of greater levels of oxidative stress as was evident in healthy, professional handball players at the beginning of a clinical trial involving Red Orange Complex.1 The players continued their rigorous athletic regimen while also taking 50 mg of Red Orange Complex twice daily for two months, at which point they possessed significantly improved levels of several serum biomarkers of oxidative stress compared to baseline. These markers include total antioxidant status (ABTS test), thiol (SH) groups (an indirect measure of glutathione activity), lipid hydroperoxides (D-Roms test) and malondialdehyde (the final product of lipid peroxidation). The trial showed that Red Orange Complex antioxidant properties helped improve player health and well-being.

Red Orange Complex also helped provide resistance to oxidation of LDL, the unhealthy form of cholesterol, in an in-vitro study.2 LDL obtained from blood samples drawn from healthy volunteers was treated in the presence or absence of Red Orange Complex with a substance (AAPH) that normally induces LDL oxidation. In a dose-dependent manner, Red Orange Complex was able to inhibit LDL oxidation (up to 100 percent at the highest dose), indicating a strong antioxidant effect. Additional in-vitro and ex-vivo studies conducted with Red Orange Complex have provided further evidence of its significant antioxidant properties.3,4

Red Orange Complex is Clinically Tested to Help Support Skin Health

Exposure of the skin to ultraviolet (UV) light may result in oxidative stress and accelerated aging of the skin. In a multi-part, crossover human clinical trial, the ability of Red Orange Complex to promote skin health during UV exposure was demonstrated.5

In Part 1, healthy subjects were exposed to UV light on their forearms and the degree of resulting redness was measured for 48 hours afterwards. The subjects then took 100 mg of Red Orange Complex daily for 15 days and were re-exposed to UV light on a different part of their forearms and re-examined for skin redness. Consumption of Red Orange Complex led to significant improvements in skin health associated with decreased redness over the entire 48 hour evaluation period versus the control.

Part 2 evaluated the ability of Red Orange Complex to provide resistance to age spot pigmentation. A second group of healthy subjects with age spots was exposed daily for one week to UV light on one hand and assessed over the next week for the degree of induced pigmentation. After a rest period, subjects then took 100 mg daily of Red Orange Complex for two weeks while the experiment was repeated on the other hand. Consumption of Red Orange Complex led to significantly less pigmentation of age spots caused by UV exposure, which resulted in healthier skin.

Additionally, Red Orange Complex’s ability to help promote skin health was investigated using an ex-vivo model of human keratinocytes.6 Researchers found that Red Orange Complex supported healthy skin via a number of mechanisms of action associated with significant antioxidant properties.

Red Orange Complex nutraceutical exhibits tremendous versatility for formulators and can be used in multiple dietary supplement applications. These include capsules, tablets, as well as liquid delivery systems such as shots, stick packs and effervescents.

Red Orange Complex was developed by Bionap SRL (Belpasso, Italy), a provider of a select portfolio of Mediterranean-sourced nutraceuticals. NutraGenesis is the marketing and sales agent in the U.S. for this exclusive nutraceutical.


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