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amixon GmbH (represented by AZO Inc. in the USA)

Halberstaedter Str. 55
(901) 794-9480
Best Sellers
Powder Mixer; Powder Blender; Vertical Mixer; Vertical Dryer; Ribbon Blender

amixon specialises in the development and manufacturing of processing equipment for the processing industry.
One focus of the amixon product range is on sterile equipment which fulfils even the highest requirements in terms of hygiene. Continual innovations such as mixing devices and discharge processes for complete discharge have enabled amixon to make further improvements in productivity and the hygiene standards of the process equipment. Many detailed solutions are protected by patent.

The individual fabricated powder mixers, paste mixers, vacuum dryers, reactors, cone mixers, single-shaft mixers, twin-shaft mixers, vacuum mixers and container mixers find application in many different branches.

Room for pioneers
We would be very happy to carry out pilots of your new products and procedures under development and invite you to view demonstrations in our test center in Memphis TN. The processes are demonstrated with your original products, the results interpreted and transferred to the parameters that you choose. This excludes risks associated with technical aspects of the process. Your investment is based on solid foundations.

Our formula for your success
· The competence that only a technical leader can offer
· Very highly skilled production facilities
· The maximum possible hygiene standards
· Business conduct on a partnership basis

With these ingredients we have gained the confidence of our customers world-wide. Mutual reliance is important: We can only satisfy your needs properly if we start from accurate information. For this reason we conclude secrecy agreements with you.

You benefit from our customised solutions.

Short Description
amixon® specialises in the development and manufacturing of patented processing equipment which fulfils even the highest hygiene requirements. Mixing devices and solutions for complete discharge are available. The individual fabricated powder mixers and dryers find application in many different branches. All mixers, dryers and components are exclusively made in Germany. Please visit our test center in Memphis, TN!

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