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OptiPure Brand Kenko International, Inc.

6984 Bandini Blvd.
Los Angeles
Toll Free Telephone
(800) 934-3040
(323) 721-8300
(323) 721-9600
Key Executives
Kevin Johnson, Pres./CEO; Kitty Liao, Dir. Bus. Dev.; Kengo Kishimoto, Cust. Srvc./Inside Sls.
Best Sellers
CoQ10; Ginkgo Biloba Extract; Green Tea Extract; Chlorella; Astaxanthin; Banaba Leaf Extract
Types of Products Sold
Vitamins/Minerals, Specialty Supplements, Herbs/Botanicals, Sports Nutrition
Types of Vitamins/Minerals Sold
Antioxidant Formulas, Calcium, Cal-Mag-Zinc, Soft Gel Vitamins/Minerals, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-3, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin F (Unsaturated Fatty Acid), Vitamin K, Zinc
Types of Specialty Supplements Sold
Astaxanthin, Blood Sugar Formula, Chlorella, Chondroitin Sulfate, Coenzyme Q-10, Grape Seed Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Cysteine, L-Cystine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Glutamine, L-Glutathione, L-Glycine, L-Histidine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Ornithine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Taurine, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, Lycopene, Tocotrienols
Types of Herbs/Botanicals Sold
GinkgBiloba, Ginseng (Chinese), Gotu Kola, Green Tea
Types of Sports Nutrition Products Sold
Egg Protein, MCT's, Protein Powder, Soy Protein, Whey Protein
Gbe 24/6; GlucoHelp; IncaCartilago; T-Phenol; GSX-24; VMA 25+
Association Memberships

OptiPure Brand Kenko International Inc. is a leading industry supplier of standardized herbal extracts and specialty nutraceutical ingredients. OptiPure provides cutting-edge branded ingredients supported by research, patents and evidence of efficacy. We serve the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries and offer products of distinction to help grow your brand.

Short Description
OptiPure is a leading supplier of quality raw materials for the nutritional supplement industry. With an extensive inventory of all-natural products including Ginkgo biloba, green tea, shark cartilage, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and many other novel therapeutic herbal extracts and nutrients, OptiPure continues to build upon the reputation of being a highly respected industry leader.

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