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Top Health Ingredients

1580-5555 Calgary Tr. N.W.
AB, Canada
T6H 5P9
Key Executives
Bruce Wagner, Bus. Dev. Mgr.; Laura Sewell, Bus. Dev. Mgr.; Ken Haughian, Bus. Dev. Mgr.
Best Sellers
Rice Protein; Pea Protein; Fava Protein; IMO (isomaltooligosaccharide); Resistant Dextrin; Functional Mushroom Powders
Types of Products Sold
Sports Nutrition, Functional Foods
Types of Specialty Supplements Sold
Cordyceps, Lecithin
Types of Herbs/Botanicals Sold
Maitake, Reishi
Types of Sports Nutrition Products Sold
Protein Powder, Rice Protein, Soy Protein
Types of Functional Foods Sold
Fiber Foods, Nutrition Bars, Oils, Protein Foods, Soy Foods
Special Services
Ingredient Sourcing, Product Development

Top Health Ingredients has been a leading functional ingredient supplier for over 15 years. Our unique portfolio of plant-based proteins, prebiotics, adaptogens, fibers & sweeteners is consistently tested, at source and beyond, to ensure our products are free from GMOs & allergens, and that they meet or exceed spec every single time. Our team strives to provide food, beverage, and wellness brands with innovative, unique solutions that help solve many of these segments' most arduous formulation challenges - giving our clients the market edge they need to excel in such fast-growing categories. Top Health is proud to be a family-owned, family-run company wholly dedicated to quality, transparency, and excellency - faithfully operating to champion a healthier, more sustainable future.

Short Description
Plant-based ingredient supplier of proteins, fibers, prebiotics, and sweeteners.

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