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PTM Food Consulting

1705 Bay Ave., Ste. 5
Point Pleasant
Toll Free Telephone
(888) 736-6339
(732) 510-5789
Key Executives
Don Rodgers, Dir. Bus. Dev.; Ryan Dolan, Ops. Mgr.
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PTM Food Consulting is North America’s premier product development and manufacturing support firm specializing in a variety of industries. We are comprised of a group of passionate professionals dedicated to building brands through innovative product creations. We are here to passionately help you develop your product concept and bring it to life.

Our team’s expertise of food-science, biochemistry, culinary arts, development, and creativity can achieve an exciting point of difference between your product and the competition. We are the only development firm that brings value to your company by providing intellectual property that you own.

Driven by a business philosophy that focuses on out-of-thebox thinking, we have successfully developed hundreds of products for several Fortune 500 companies. We encourage
our team to seek ideas and strategies that reside outside traditional means. Our group continually expands our comfort zone and challenges standard formulation practices, pushing what the industry considers ‘possible’.

We work hard to uncover key industry insights and develop products that have a competitive edge in their respective industries. Whether your project requires a simple yet tasteful formulation, new ingredient engineering, complex scientific problem solving, or anywhere in between, we’re the team for the job.

Short Description
PTM Food Consulting is your premier product development & manufacturing support firm. Our wide range of expertise, development and creativity achieves an exciting point of difference between your product and competitors. Whether your project is a simple formulation or a complex one, we’re your team.

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