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1851 Kaiser Ave.
Toll Free Telephone
(888) 992-9839
(949) 622-9030
(949) 622-9033
Key Executives
Matt Phillips, CCO
Best Sellers
Omega-3s; Proteins;
Special Services
Custom Formulations
OmegaActiv; OmegaPure; BioVin

Nutegrity represents the combined expertise of Cyvex Nutrition (botanicals and fish oils), Wisconsin Specialty Protein (dairy ingredients) and InCon Processing (molecular distillation), all operating within the Human Nutrition division of Omega Protein Corporation. Nutegrity’s mission is to provide pure, sustainable human nutrition products from land and sea sources that support healthy living including: a wide range of dairy and plant protein products; specialty dairy ingredients; marine-based omega-3s/EFAs; and botanically sourced ingredients. By using a vertically integrated supply chain to control purity from source to finished product, Nutegrity is able to consistently produce quality ingredients with proven health benefits for dietary supplement, functional food and beverage applications. Nutegrity operates with an unwavering commitment to sustainability, striving to be a responsible steward of natural resources at every level of operation. For more news and information on Nutegrity’s human nutrition offerings, please visit www.nutegrity.com.

Omega Protein’s Human Nutrition division also includes Bioriginal Food and Science Corporation (Bioriginal), and combined with Nutegrity, has three primary product lines: protein products, specialty oils and essential fatty acids (EFAs) and other nutraceutical ingredients. Bioriginal is a supplier of plant and marine based specialty oils and essential fatty acids to the food and nutraceutical industries.

Short Description
Nutegrity’s provides pure, sustainable human nutrition products that support healthy living including a wide range of marine-based omega-3s/EFAs, dairy and plant protein products, specialty dairy ingredients, and botanically sourced ingredients for use in functional food and beverage applications.

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