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Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

6982 Bandini Blvd.
Los Angeles
Toll Free Telephone
(800) 360-7484 (SGTI)
(323) 726-0700
(323) 726-7065
Key Executives
Ken Tsuchibe, Pres./CEO; Hiroshi Kishimoto, CFO/SVP; Alfredo Reyes, GM
Best Sellers
Coenzyme Q10 Products; Injuv; Phosphatidylserine; Marine Lipid Concentrates; Custom Formulas
Types of Products Sold
Vitamins/Minerals, Specialty Supplements, Herbs/Botanicals
Types of Vitamins/Minerals Sold
Antioxidant Formulas, Beta Carotene, Bioflavonoids, Carotenoids (Mixed), Choline/Inositol, Multiple Vitamins/Minerals, Private Label Vitamins, Soft Gel Vitamins/Minerals, Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K
Types of Specialty Supplements Sold
Astaxanthin, Black Currant Oil, Blood Sugar Formula, Borage Oil, Cardiovascular Formula, CBD, Coenzyme Q-10, Conjugated Linolenic Acid, DHA, Essential Fatty Acids, Evening Primrose Oil, Fish Oil, Flax Oil, GLA, Hyaluronic Acid, Joint Support Formula, Lecithin, Lutein, Lycopene, Phospholipids, Prostate Formula, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Skin Support Formula, Squalene, Tocotrienols
Types of Herbs/Botanicals Sold
Cranberry, Garlic
Special Services
Contract Manufacturing, Custom Formulations, Encapsulation, Product Development, Technical/Educational Support
CoQsol; CoQsol-CF; CoQH-CF; GlucoHelp; Injuv; Smart PS
Association Memberships

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. specializes in providing premium quality dietary supplements in a soft gelatin capsule delivery system. The company is a full-service contract manufacturer dedicated to the production and marketing of branded products and custom turnkey formulations. Soft Gel Technologies has earned many U.S. patents, most of which are for significant technological breakthroughs in the area of nutrient bioavailability.

The company offers the customer the full-spectrum package of manufacturing—sourcing, formulation, and softgel encapsulation services.

Soft Gel Technologies holds GMP certification through the UL/NPA and NSF, including NSF’s GMP for Sport.

Short Description
Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. provides customer-centric, transparent, full-service contract manufacturing of premium quality softgel capsules.

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