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capsule polisher

Short Description
Vertical tablet conveyors/dedusters have become an economical way to efficiently convey tablets utilizing a very small footprint. The vertical vibratory conveyor uses gentle vibration to convey the product upward in a spiral along a smooth, perforated surface. Three models are available to meet conveying speeds up to 6.3 million tablets per hour. Kraemer conveyor/dedusters are very flexible and easy to adjust inlet and outlet orientations to meet numerous applications. Kraemer can also help engineer and layout vertical conveyors for specialized applications. All Kramer conveyor/dedusters can be configured with an integral metal detector for ease of handling.
The state of the art C820 controller with integrated acceleration sensor allows for a constant flow of tablets under varying tablet loads for easy operation.
Multiple conveying heights are available for each model to suit the application.
Kramer vertical capsule polishers are an efficient way to polish and vertically convey capsules from the capsule filler. Numerous vertical heights are available as well as the addition of empty capsule sorters, and metal detectors.
Kramer is your partner in high capacity vertical tablet conveyors, and capsule polishers.
Kramer the inventor of vertical tablet dedusters - The Original for over 45 years.