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Applied Food Sciences
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For over 20 years, Applied Food Sciences (AFS) has inspired and innovated functional ingredients for the natural products industry. Quality is transparent through organic farming, responsible sourcing, and sustainability. AFS cares about every stakeholder, from rural farmers to the largest companies in the world.
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(833) 436-2266
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The four companies that SourceOne Holdings manages are below:

SourceOne Global Partners is a leading provider of health and wellness solutions, created through scientific research and innovative product development. Our focus is on clinically proven formulations, combined with technologically-advanced and patented delivery systems with applications in nutritional supplements, functional food and beverage, medical food, and personal care markets. The formulations are bundled in easily identifiable platforms that address condition-specific, consumer health concerns.

Geocann uses formulation expertise to deliver the safest and most efficacious cannabis products to the global marketplace. We are the industry leader in introducing clinically proven drug delivery technologies that optimize the performance of phytocannabinoids in the human body. To do this, we have established a culture invested in research and development while forming valuable partnerships with category-dominant lifestyle brands. We exist to be the world's most trusted cannabis organization.

Vesifact is a leading research and development organization focused on creating drug delivery system technology solutions that dramatically improve the bioavailability of poorly absorbed ingredients. Founded in 1987 by Marc Weder and his father Dr. Hans Weder, Vesifact has built an excellent team of scientists, researchers and product developers who hold the highest level of technical expertise - many who has served the organization for more than 20 years.

Health in Harmony is a consumer brand focused on serving the retail channel with a select portfolio of natural products that are bundled in easily identifiable platforms and address the most pressing condition-specific, consumer health concerns. Every product we offer was manufactured at world-class facilities, starting with the most pristine natural ingredients. Each has been thoroughly lab tested and manufactured subject to the strictest quality control guidelines.