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Certified Nutraceuticals, Inc.
Short Description
Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. is YOUR Trusted Partner for high-quality and clinically supported ingredients.

Certified Nutraceuticals Inc. specializes in bio-active, innovative ingredients that support a wide range of benefits including healthy aging, joint health, brain health, and cognitive function. Finished products with ingredients from Certified Nutraceuticals stand out in any marketplace.

Certified Nutraceuticals is a renowned and trusted industry leader. We aid in the development and manufacture of exclusively processed nutritional ingredients including ingredients supported by clinical research. Formulators of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements worldwide partner with Certified Nutraceuticals to offer the highest quality powders, capsules, mixes, and blended products. Certified Nutraceuticals brings uncompromising integrity and guarantees satisfaction through a co-branding marketing program and unsurpassed customer support.