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Lycored Puts “Cultivating Wellness” at the Heart of New Brand Identity

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Lycored (Orange, NJ) has launched a new corporate brand identity to help cement its commitment to well-being and enhance the company’s image globally.

The new strategic positioning is fronted by a contemporary logo that echoes Lycored’s heritage as a supplier of natural ingredients derived from the tomato. This is complemented by a straightforward slogan that captures the values at the heart of the new brand identity—“Cultivating Wellness.”

“Our new slogan represents how we operate as a business but also describes how we are as people,” said Rony Patishi-Chillim, president and CEO of Lycored. “We want every team member to feel inspired by our work and our relationships. Lycored is a global entity, but we have retained the mentality of a small business where teamwork and collaboration—both among ourselves and with our partners—underscore our uniqueness and lead to personal wellness and business success.”

As part of Cultivating Wellness, Lycored has revamped its logo so that it offers an at-a-glance snapshot of the qualities that make the company both a confident leader in its field and a trusted partner, according to the company. It resembles the cross-section of a sliced tomato—mirroring the raw material used in Lycored’s core offering of tomato ingredients, which are extracted from tomatoes in California and Israel. The extracts are used as natural bio-actives in nutrition products and as natural colors and ingredients for taste and texture improvement in foods and beverages.

This is Lycored’s third logo since the company was founded 20 years ago, and the evolution of its design reflects how it has adapted throughout the past two decades to serve its customers’ changing needs.

For more information, visit www2.lycored.com.

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