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Herbally Yours, Inc. – 2014


1504 W. San Pedro St.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Phone: (480) 892-8220
Fax: (480) 892-8240
E-mail: info@herballyyours.net
Website: www.herballyyours.net

Quality, Strength & Composition

Herbally Yours Inc. is an accomplished contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements and skincare products, of 20-plus years. Good manufacturing practice (GMP)-certified through NSF International, certified for Sport by NSF, USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Organic certified, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-inspected, and authorized to produce kosher-certified products. The company offers R&D and contract manufacturing services, backed by 40-plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical arena, for a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, including, but not limited to, liquid dietary supplement products, two piece capsules, effervescent powders, standard powders, drink mixes, creams, lotions and serums.

Established in 1993, Herbally Yours was founded on a pharmaceutical backbone, the company’s roots deeply embedded in formulating and compounding, with analytical chemistry as our nucleus. Herbally Yours takes a different approach to contract manufacturing. The company’s core is an analytical team, who put the anal in analytical. The goal is to confirm quality, strength and composition. Products originate with laboratory analysis/development and review. The company painstakingly creates samples and pilot batches, tasting, sniffing, spilling and break them down chemically, until there is a product that the market would be proud to carry. Raw materials are scrutinized to ensure they meet specifications, customer satisfaction and chemical stability. Vendors are carefully sourced, tested, expected to be transparent and diligent. The company’s analytical team builds confidence and pride in every material it buys and manufactures, with data, and results Herbally Yours can rely on.

From formulation to shipping, Herbally Yours does it all. You know you have expert formulators, when they can taste something, and break down the formula in a flash, with compelling accuracy, and then turn around and make it even better! Reverse engineering and new product ideas are the seeds of every opportunity at Herbally Yours, and we take these in earnest. Formula creation is a sacred process, The company protects customer formulas, created by us or others, under confidentiality. Formulating is a passion at Herbally Yours, countless hours of research and lab time go into nurturing the seed of opportunity, which the company hopes will grow strong, with deep roots, and branch out into new products and new opportunities. From an idea, a moment, a need, every product has a beginning.

After analysis and formulation, it is time to scale up, and produce as many bottles as the company’s customer can sell. The tiny seed that began in the lab, now has an opportunity to spread across the world, change peoples lives, improve their health, make a difference. Herbally Yours is humbled by the hope intertwined in each bottle it fills, labels, codes, boxes up and palletizes, and hopes that the person who opens this bottle has high expectations and those expectations are gratified.

Compounding, teamwork, machinery, speed, capacity, quality control, all these things about Herbally Yours are well worth the trip to visit the company in Gilbert, AZ. Words cannot describe the assembly line, whirring, buzzing, puffing, working in concert, the drum beat that is the heart of the facility. The company is always upgrading, innovating, automatizing, to be better, faster, more efficient, to be champions at what we do. Setting up production takes planning and time, and the minimums are a reflection of the materials the company buys, machine set up, cleaning and processing. Typical minimums are around 2,500 units, but it is best to get in touch with Herbally Yours to discuss.

The product is made, wrapped in its pretty presentation, ready to ship to distribution facilities all over the world … But wait! Herbally Yours’ analytical team won’t let it go, before a final robust analysis, to confirm label claim, documentation, appearance, accuracy, and all the other things they obsess over. The lab is equipped with instruments that identify, analyze quantitatively and qualitatively, spectroscopicaly and microbiologically. The chemists inject, purge, centrifuge, decant, inoculate, pipette, separate, spin, sonicate, twist, rotate, dip, scoop, weight and more. Behind the working orchestra, are conductors, with incredible analytical minds, who don’t rest until data is complete, and questions are answered.

While all this is happening in the background, the company communicates and updates phone calls and emails, to keep customers aware, so that their inventories can be finely tuned and efficient. Sometimes Herbally Yours is a superhero (can you please expedite?), and sometimes the company acts as the villain (I am sorry, the material failed testing), but at the end of the day, the company is a partner with some of the most courageous and innovative people in the industry, its customers, the people selling their products. Companies who’s mission it is to put products on the market that make a difference, that are cool, practical and inspired, not only to make money, but to build hope, plant seeds and watch them grow.

Key Executives
• Mimi Potocnjak, President
• Kathy Nasic, Vice President