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Allen Flavors Achieves Milestone In Organic Ingredients


New Jersey-based Allen Flavors has announced that the company’s portfolio of organic ingredients has surpassed a significant milestone, reaching more than 1,000 certified organic flavors, extracts and bases.

Non-GMO Project

The demand for organics has grown appreciably since Allen developed and certified their first organic product in 2006. Back then, the company’s initial certifications were completed in response to customer’s requests for a few specific organic flavors. Today, most of the products in Allen’s certified organic library have been developed and certified proactively, allowing food and beverage manufacturers to quickly and easily embrace the concept of organic in their line extensions and launches.

“We’ve been active in the organic ingredient segment for so many years, we know what’s required when dealing with the complex supply chain of organics,” said Joe Harriman, Allen Flavors vice president of sales and marketing. “This expertise, along with our strong working relationship with Quality Assurance International (QAI), a highly respected organization for organic certification, enables us to achieve certification faster than the industry standard.”

The company stated it has the expertise to take their customers through all aspects of the organic process—from concept to finished product and back-panel label service—including overcoming the challenges associated with the certification process and organic labeling standards. “There are three levels of USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) organic certification: 100 percent organic, 95 to 99.9 percent organic, and 70 to 95 percent organic. We understand and are completely comfortable with the process of organic certification, which takes away a lot of the guesswork and anxiety for our clients,” Harriman said. “The fact that we do so much of it and we’re so comfortable with it has made it second nature to us. Basically, we make the process of buying an organic flavor the same as buying a regular flavor, regardless of whether it’s a standard organic flavor like lemon or peach, or a more exotic flavor such as dragonfruit, yumberry or lychee.”

He added,  “The Allen team is always working proactively to prevent issues and problems, instead of reacting to them later. The concept of organic is embedded into our systems, so we have really strong processes in place. Organic is in our DNA, and we are experts from concept to finished product at each stage from development to regulatory to our strong relationships with co-packers. It’s definitely the whole package.”

For more information, visit www.allenflavors.com.