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Ancon International and B&D Nutritional Ingredients Form Alliance

Albion Minerals®

Ancon International (Irvine, CA) and B&D Nutritional Ingredients (Vista, CA) announced an agreement to market food-derived peptides in the U.S. during the recent 4th Annual International Conference on Food-Derived Peptides, held in China. This agreement will bring to the U.S. market a series of food-derived oligopeptides, which are an advantaged delivery concept for proteins and amino acids due to their ability to provide rapid and superior digestibility while providing nutritional value, their excellent water solubility, their stability in the presence of temperature and pH changes, and their ability to reduce or eliminate allergens common in food proteins. Peptides are combinations of two or more amino acids via amide bond.

Oligopeptides are peptides noted for their shorter chain length (two-six amino acids) that are favored for their favorable digestibility profile. The research supporting the value of peptides continues to grow, and many U.S. researchers now understand the benefits that peptides can deliver to address various health concerns, as a source of protein and in providing personal care benefits. The Chinese National Research Institute for Food and Fermentation Industries (CNRIFFI) supports research of peptides and will work closely with Ancon and B&D. The peptides will be produced in a brand-new facility in Guangdong Province called Sino NutriFood. This is the largest facility in the world producing peptides.

“B&D was a natural choice to bring our peptides to the U.S. market. They have developed markets for other ingredients prior to this venture, and have the reputation and knowledge needed to duplicate what has been done in China and Japan,” said Chris Cai, vice president and founder of Ancon.

“Working with Chris and Dachao Zhang and understanding the role and benefits of peptides make this one of the most exciting agreements we have ever entered into,” added Bill Van Dyke, president of B&D. “The opportunity to represent Ancon across the U.S. further aligns our priorities and commitment to bringing valued brands to market.”

The parties will be working on a joint market strategy to target companies that will appreciate the IP and clinical support that Ancon currently provides with its corn, marine and wheat peptides. Ancon has the ability to produce peptides from various protein sources.

For more information, visit www.bdnutritional.com.