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Arla Foods Ingredients Invests for Growth in Latin America


PortenaArla Foods Ingredients (Denmark) has invested in a major upgrade to its facility in Argentina, allowing it to meet growing demand for high-quality whey ingredients, both in Latin America and globally, according to the company.

The improvements to the company’s Porteña site include a new drying tower, which will more than double capacity for production of whey permeate powder. It has also taken the measures necessary to produce infant-formula-grade proteins in Latin America.

According to the company, demand for whey permeate, a low-calorie source of sweetness and minerals, is growing globally, in particular in Asia and Latin America.

Healthy sales have helped Arla Foods Ingredients S.A. invest in infrastructure at the Porteña facility, including a new tower for the drying of whey permeate, the company stated. This will allow all permeate solids produced at the site to be turned into dry ingredients for food and beverage markets. Capacity for the production of whey permeate powder is set to more than double.

Dairy technology provider RELCO, a Koch Separation Solutions Company, is due to begin building work on the tower once financial arrangements have been finalized. RELCO was selected for its global experience in permeate processing and drying, South American resources and commitment to the specific requirements of the project. The tower is scheduled to be completed and go live in 2026.

“We’ve been active in Argentina since 2000 and we’re pleased that Arla Foods Ingredients S.A. has achieved some very satisfactory results, allowing it to invest in further growth for the future,” said Henrik Andersen, CEO of Arla Foods Ingredients. “This major upgrade is an essential element of our strategy to meet the increasing demand for high-quality whey products—both in Latin America and globally.”

The manufacture of products for early life nutrition requires adherence to strict standards on nutritional quality and hygiene, the company noted. Arla Foods Ingredients’ Danmark Protein facility has been supplying proteins to the sector since the 2000s.

Following a rigorous process, the Porteña facility can now meet the same standards. According to the company, measures taken include new sanitary barriers to protect the zone where formula-grade products are manufactured, and strict procedures to improve environmental standards and raw material separation.

For more information, visit www.arlafoodsingredients.com.