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Bunge Introduces Nuligo Nutritional Lipids in the United States

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Bunge (BG, St. Louis, MO) announced that its nutrition business has officially launched NuliGo nutritional lipids to NuliGoTM_Logos_Primary_Digital_RGB_0support muscle health.

“Wellness and physical fitness continue to grow as priorities in the minds of North American consumers of all age groups, with many increasingly using functional nutrition as a way to build and maintain physical strength. We are excited to bring NuliGo nutritional lipids, an innovative muscle health solution, to those consumers,” said Dr. Emiliano Rial Verde, vice president of Bunge Loders Croklaan Nutrition.

This new molecule combines natural medium- and long-chain fatty acids to provide a balanced source of energy to the body. By bringing easily accessible energy to muscles, NuliGo lipids help to spare amino acids, the building blocks of protein, leaving them available for muscle building, maintenance, and recovery. It is an ideal ingredient for active adults targeting athletic performance, endurance, or enhanced mobility.

NuliGo nutritional lipids are available in oil and powdered formats and are well-suited for products in the following categories:

  • Sports Nutrition, as it supports physical performance and post-activity recovery by delivering a balanced source of energy to muscles.
  • Active Aging, as it contributes to muscle strength and muscle mass maintenance to support an active lifestyle.

For more information, visit www.nuligo.com.

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