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Company Profiles

Product Development 

Development of customers’ products encompasses an array of ABCO Laboratories, Inc.’s operations to ensure the production of a premium product. Manufacturing, quality control, packaging and marketing all integrate with the company’s Product Development program. This cross-functionality impacts product design and empowers ABCO to create a market-leading product for its customers.

Custom & Contract Manufacturing 

Through keeping an open relationship between manufacturing and product development, quality control, packaging and customer service, ABCO is able to produce a superior product, at the lowest cost and in the fastest time. Highly trained manufacturing operatives and technicians ensure customers’ products are made with care, and achieve the highest-quality standard.

Private Label 

ABCO’s goal is to meet the highest standards in the industry, as well as provide each customer with the best quality of service available. The company’s private label services offer a number of customizable options and requirement levels at competitive prices. It utilizes the finest and most efficient resources to ensure that all of its clients are provided with complete turnkey solutions.

Dietary Supplements

Dedicated to producing supplements with a high standard of purity, potency and quality, through the union of science and nature, ABCO’s abilities in nutritional development and manufacturing are unmatched.

Personal Care Products 

ABCO produces a diverse range of cosmetic products, developed and manufactured by highly trained and skilled cosmetic specialists.

Medications—OTC & Homeopathic 

The company’s manufacturing processes follow the highest standards and its quality assurance and control procedures are second to none. ABCO tests raw materials, products in production and finished goods using advanced analytical techniques in its on-site laboratory. ABCO’s in-house pharmacist and technical support group expand your team to develop custom products to your satisfaction.

Food Products 

ABCO offers a wide range of food development and manufacturing capabilities including gourmet food mixes made with the freshest and tastiest ingredients available. The company is capable of creating any kind of dry or liquid blend to a customer’s specification.


• Organic

• Kosher

• Halal



• and much more Capabilities

• Hot-fill liquids

• Custom blending

• Quality control

• In-house microbiological

• Analytical services

• Packing and distribution 

ABCO knows its industry-specific expertise will help ensure success!

Key Executives

• Allen Baron, President

• David Baron, Vice President

Bringing the Best of Nature to Mankind

Being the world’s largest grower and processor of aloe vera ingredients has many benefits for Aloecorp’s customers. Sustainable farming, state-of-the-art manufacturing and advanced scientific research place Aloecorp’s products among the purest and most dependable available. The high quality of its product is due to the fact that it controls its processes every step of the way. The company begins at its farms where the aloe vera is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals. Aloecorp then processes the aloe vera juice, concentrates or powder using state-of-the-art procedures and techniques developed in its research laboratories. These stringent controls are Aloecorp’s Established Standard of Excellence and provide the basis of its quality certifications including USDANOP and EU organic certifications.

Aloecorp’s quality products are sold in over 30 countries by 36 exclusive representatives who deliver in a timely manner. The company distributes aloe vera raw material to hundreds of prominent companies for use in many recognized consumer products. Its marketing efforts include: representative education through product information and updates on progressive scientific development and current market trends of aloe vera, technical services ranging from basic aloe science to formulation assistance and customer education about aloe through other educational materials. Aloecorp’s continuous involvement in aloe research will create new product marketing opportunities to service reputable companies.

As an industry leader, Aloecorp’s mission is to provide the best biologically active aloe vera raw materials for food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries around the world by continuously improving its operations and quality systems, conducting scientific research, maintaining clean, efficient operations and providing excellent customer service that exceeds expectations.

Today’s savvy consumer expects more effective and consistent products—ones they can depend on time after time. To increase consumer preference for a company’s topical, nutraceutical, food or beverage product, Aloecorp offers what no other aloe vera supplier can: standardization! The ACTIValoe® guarantee provides customer assurance that their aloe ingredient retains the beneficial properties of the plant.

Aloecorp’s ACTIValoe not only exceeds the standards established by the International Aloe Science Council’s (IASC) Certification Program for content and purity, but Aloecorp is the only supplier to quantify and guarantee 10 percent polysaccharide (dry weight) retention through its unique patented process. Additionally, the company has enhanced the efficacy of aloe vera by increasing the polysaccharide content in the highly active molecular with range of 50,000- 200,000 Daltons. Only Aloecorp, through this patented manufacturing process, can guarantee the retention of biological activity and not simply the “chemistry” of aloe vera, providing the most extensively tested aloe vera available.

Qmatrix® exclusive dehydration technology is patented and has been shown in published academic studies to significantly improve the retention of heat labile nutrients. This low temperature-short time (LTST) drying method quickly and gently stabilizes aloe vera with the optimal balance of heat and time. Academic studies also show that the flavor and color of the product is improved due to low oxidation, and that it has improved physical Characteristics such as solubility and flow ability. Qmatrix dehydration is a green technology—energy efficient and environmentally friendly … perfect for aloe vera.

Processed aloe vera, derived from the leaf, often involves heating, dehydration and filtration. Processing may cause irreversible degradation of the polysaccharides and loss of other bioactive constituents, which results in changes to the physiological properties of the ingredient and benefits of the finished product. To ensure the highest quality aloe vera ingredient, Aloecorp developed a process based on time, temperature and sanitation to eliminate sources of degradation in processing, and numerous clinical and pre-clinical studies with Aloecorp’s product have validated the success of this methodology.

With more than 20 years leading the industry, Aloecorp’s commitment to “bring the best of nature to mankind” extends from its cultivation and harvesting methods in the field to the hightech processing of its final products, a variety of aloe vera raw materials. The extensive aloe vera fields in different regions allow Aloecorp to consistently provide plenty of the best quality aloe vera raw materials to customers around the world who also share the company’s belief that mankind deserves nothing but the best from nature.

Key Executives

. KS Yoon, President and CEO
. Bob Smith, Western Regional Sales Manager
. Jeff Barrie, Eastern Regional Sales Manager
. Rene van Lohuizen, Director of International Sales

Exceeding Expectations When Meeting Packaging Needs

Company Description 

Alpha Packaging is a $125 million manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and jars for the nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical, personal care and niche food and beverage industries. In 2008, it added container decorating services with its acquisition of leading decorator Technigraph Corporation in Winona, MN. Alpha’s current management team has been in place since 1985 and helped the company grow at doubledigit rates for each of the last nine years.

Alpha is an innovator in the area of sustainable packaging. It makes custom bottles using Nature Works PLA®, a compostable corn-based resin, and continues to work on next-generation sustainable packaging solutions for its customers, including recycled content for PET and HDPE bottles. Alpha is a Walmartapproved vendor supplying recyclable nutritional packaging to help companies meet new sustainability guidelines.


Alpha has five manufacturing plants located across the country, one manufacturing plant in the Netherlands, as well as its Technigraph decorating division. The company’s 211,000 squarefoot headquarters in St. Louis features in-house tool-making capabilities, where it builds everything from unit cavity molds to complete high-cavity production tooling for each of its plants. Alpha also offers in-house package design services on CAD/CAM systems and serves as an industrial design partner for Customers in many industries.

The company’s other plants are strategically located to serve customers in all areas of the country. In 2007, it opened a 120,000 square-foot plant in Jacksonville, FL and purchased Quality Container to give it an additional 100,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Ypsilanti, MI. Plants and warehouse facilities in Bethlehem, PA and Salt Lake City, UT serve customers on both coasts. Alpha also maintains a warehouse in Southern California, and works with a network of stocking distributors across the US and abroad. Customers can obtain samples of its stock packaging by visiting www.alphap.com.

Quality Assurance 

Quality is the top priority at Alpha Packaging. Its manufacturing process integrates the finest Food and Drug Administration-approved raw materials with state-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality control processes. All manufacturing and warehousing is conducted in sealed, clean, controlled environments. Most manufacturing lines include leak detectors and vision systems installed in-line, and many lines also feature soft-touch take-out systems Or automated stack-packers to minimize scratching. Alpha continually invests in new quality systems to ensure its packaging is ready to be filled when it reaches the customer.

Main Products 

The company offers plastic bottles and jars for the nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Sizes range from one ounce to one gallon, and include styles ideal for tablets and capsules, powders and granules, and liquids and lotions. Alpha offers over 700 stock styles of HDPE and PET packaging, as well as custom designs. It also specializes in customcolored PET packaging.

Association Memberships

• National Association of Container Distributors

• Private Label Manufacturing Association Key Executives

Key Executives

• Dave Spence, President and CEO

• Dan Creston, COO

• Gary Seeman, CFO

• Jack Baily, Vice President of Sales

• Mike DeFazio, Vice President of Operations

• Paul Bonastia, Director of Sales

Providing Supplement, Cosmetic and Food Industries Superior Ingredients

BioCell Technology, LLC, is in the business of researching, developing, branding and distributing novel dietary ingredients, which are supported by science to improve quality of life. BioCell Technology’s branded ingredients are available under licensing to marketers and manufacturers of finished products.

Product: BioCell Collagen II 

BioCell Collagen II® is natural, healthy aging dietary ingredient that is clinically researched and patented. With its naturally occurring and bioavailable matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II, hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate, BioCell Collagen II plays a vital role in the body’s ability to maintain healthy connective tissue that promotes joint mobility and youthful-looking skin at the same time.

Industries Served: Dietary supplement, cosmetic and food industries. BioCell Collagen II is featured in more than 100 popular dietary supplement brands worldwide.

Scientific Merit: Employing a proprietary process, BioCell Collagen II was developed as a molecularly optimized ingredient that could be easily absorbed by the body. BioCell Collagen II and the active components that make up its matrix have a long history of use and safety as dietary ingredients. Various studies including clinical trials support its safety, bioavailability and effectiveness.

Proprietary/Intellectual Property: BioCell Collagen II has been granted multiple US and international patents that cover the manufacturing and use of the product.

Product Applications:

• BioCell Collagen II Fine Powder — capsules and soft gels

• BioCell Collagen II TG (Tablet Grade) — tablets

• BioCell Collagen II TF (Taste Free) — powdered drink mixes and food products

• BioCell Collagen II CG (Cosmetic Grade) — skin creams, lotions, serums and topical products BioCell Collagen II promotes:

• Joint health and mobility

• Renewed cartilage

• Younger looking skin

Product: I-Sabi

i-SabiTM is an all natural dietary ingredient, providing fundamental health benefits due to its potent detoxifying, antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties, this freezedried powder is made from the genuine Wasabia japonica plant grown in remote regions of the world where the pristine environment is conducive for proper growth and harvesting.

Industries Served: Dietary supplement, cosmetic and food industries.

Scientific Merit: Studies demonstrate that i-Sabi. And its key active compound, 6-methylsulfinylhexyl isothiocyanate (6-HITC), has a multitude of health-promoting benefits:

• Liver detoxification via induction of master detox switch, Nrf-2, which activates a set of cytoprotective enzymes such as glutathione Stranferases, NQO- 1 and HO-1.

• Potent antioxidant and antiinflammatory activities: strong COX-2- specific inhibition while allowing COX-1 expression

• Brain health: enhancing neuritogenesis with possible impact on neurodegenerative conditions

• Immunomodulatory effects shown by activation of natural killer cells 

Proprietary/Intellectual Property: i- Sabi is a most potent wasabi-derived product, providing 15,000ppm of ITCs.

Product Applications: i-Sabi may be formulated in a variety of marketed products such as capsules, tablets, soft gels, powder mixes and liquid tinctures.

Product: EstraFlex CMO 

EstraFlex™ CMO (esterfied fatty acid carbons) is a proprietary blend of cetylated fatty acids, including cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, cetyl oleate, cetyl palmitoleate and cetyl palmitate. Mechanism of action of these esterfied fatty acids may include the modulation of the immune system, particularly prostaglandins and interleukins, in a beneficial way that promotes joint pain and improves mobility. EstraFlex CMO is an all natural, bovine derived ingredient aimed at promoting joint health, improving flexibility and joint mobility.

EstraFlex CMO is available in different strengths:

• EstraFlex CMO 20% EFAC Powder

• EstraFlex CMO 52% EFAC Powder

• EstraFlex CMO 75% EFAC Waxy Solids 

Industry Served: Dietary supplement, cosmetic and food industries.

Product Applications: EstraFlex CMO may be formulated in a variety of marketed products: capsules, tablets, soft gels, powder mixes and liquid tinctures.

Key Executives

• Suhail Ishaq, Vice President

• Asma Ishaq, Vice President of Marketing

• Joosang Park, PhD, Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Leading the Way with Cutting Edge Nutritional Formulations

For years, CapsuleWorks has been a leader in the nutritional supplement industry, setting the standards of excellence for quality, efficiency and service. CapsuleWorks is vertically integrated, so it maintains total control of every aspect of production. The company sources its own raw materials, does its own research and development, and has its own quality control labs, so it can supply its customers with a wide range of products (capsules, soft gels and tablets) with guaranteed quality. CapsuleWorks’ rigorous in-process quality control, stateof- the-art manufacturing facilities throughout the USA—combined with unparalleled production capacity— enable the company to deliver superior quality supplements at highly competitive prices.

Highest Quality Supplements 

The CapsuleWorks supplier qualification program ensures that every raw material meets the strictest standards in the business. Technologically advanced quality control laboratories and manufacturing facilities, vast selection, extensive inventory and round-the-clock production here in the United States mean quicker turnarounds. CapsuleWorks has well over 300 vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements in stock, like soft gels, tablets and capsules, ready for delivery.

All CapsuleWorks products are manufactured in the USA under the watchful eyes of quality control experts at their ultra-sophisticated facilities.
CapsuleWorks’ in-process quality control system ensures that every supplement manufactured meets the highest standards for quality, purity and performance.
This consistency is assured through the use of the finest quality raw materials and rigorous product testing before, during and after manufacturing. CapsuleWorks Quality Control follows established Pharmacopeia methods Such as USP, BP, EP as well as AOAC and FCC, if available.

Cutting Edge Nutritional Formulations 

CapsuleWorks is constantly researching new formulas and offering new products to give customers a wide array of nutritional supplement choices. The company offers a wide array of nutritional products, each one made using the finest raw materials, the most advanced manufacturing processes and the strictest of quality controls. Here are just a few:

• Fish oil

• Vitamin D

• Evening primrose oil

• Vitamin E

• Essential oils

• Beta-carotene

• Neuro-PS®

• Herbal supplements

• CoQ10

The Manufacturing Plant of Tomorrow … Today 

The CapsuleWorks facilities were constructed to meet restrictive guidelines and the highest building requirements with regard to air handling, processing isolation, process controls and more. All of the building’s interior surfaces are designed to meet the highest standards for quality, purity and performance.

CapsuleWorks’ intricate manufacturing process combines the highest-quality components with the most advanced technology in the industry. Some of the most critical components of this process include the use of highly purified USP grade water and a carefully controlled production environment.

CapsuleWorks’ fully automated plant reduces actual material handling and dramatically decreases the possibility of contamination by limiting human contact.

Its extensive building automation system monitors and controls all environmental conditions in the facility Resulting in uniform product processing throughout the year.

The establishment of a truly state-ofthe- art manufacturing environment— complete with the most current and cost-effective technology—allows CapsuleWorks to continually operate at peak efficiency. The result is a highly effective operation that manifests itself in the most competitive price points for customers without sacrificing the slightest measure of product integrity.


CapsuleWorks facilities are audited by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and STR®, a leading independent Quality Assurance Testing Company. Being audited by STR helps ensure quality product formulations, safety and performance.

Regulatory Compliance and Licenses

• NPA GMP compliant



Cutting-edge, Science-based Nutritional Supplement Ingredients

Company Statement 

Chemi Nutra offers science-based nutritional supplement ingredients for brain health, women’s health, weight management and sports nutrition formulations.
It is the world’s largest manufacturer of soy-derived PS and A-GPC, and its specialty ingredients are produced in Chemi’s own FDA-inspected plants and shipped directly from its Minneapolis warehouse.

Company History 

Chemi Nutra is wholly owned by Chemi S. p.A., (Milan, Italy), and is a part of Italfarmaco S.p.A., (Milan, Italy), an internationally recognized branded pharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical and OTC drug manufacturer. Chemi Nutra is focused on discovery, efficacy based research, intellectual property and marketing and sales of Chemi’s proprietary specialty ingredients used in dietary supplements, functional foods and medical foods.

Background of Services 

While emphasizing strong in-house process development and intellectual property strengths, Chemi Nutra offers cutting-edge, science-based nutritional supplement ingredients that address a variety of nutrition and performance related concerns, including cognitive health, men’s and women’s health, pet health, weight management, anti-aging and sports performance.

The company offers valuable assistance in developing unique, valueadded and profitable nutritional supplement products utilizing its thorough knowledge of nutrition science, formulation creativity and targeted marketing. In addition, it invests every year in research studies to gain insight into the new health benefits its ingredient products offer. The goal of Chemi Nutra is to turn ideas into opportunities, by offering the very highest-quality specialty nutraceuticals at competitive pricing.

Quality Assurance 

Chemi Nutra’s specialty ingredients are produced in state-of-the-art plants owned and operated by Chemi, in accordance with strict cGMPs, including routine inspection by the USFDA, numerous governmental and international agencies, and private and public companies from around the world.

Products Marketed and Sold 

Specialty ingredients offering science supported benefits for health and fitness, targeted to the nutritional supplement, functional food and medical food arenas.

Main Ingredient Products

• SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS)

• AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC)

• IronAid® Iron Protein Succinylate (IPS)

• OmegaAid™ Omega-3 PhosphatidylSerine (PS)

• PhosphoLean™ N-Oleoyl-PE + EGCG Registered Trademarks

Registered Tradmarks

• SerinAid®

• AlphaSize®

• IronAid®

• OmegaAid™

• PhosphoLean™ 

Industry & Association Membership

• American Botanical Council (ABC)

• American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

• American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS)

• Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC)

• Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)

• Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)

• International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society (ILPS)

• International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN)

• National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

• Vital Lipids Institute (VLI) Key Executives

Key Executives

• Scott Hagerman, President and CEO

• Blake Kraemer, Sales Manager

• Chase Hagerman, Business Development and Marketing Manager

• Julie Montzka, Office Manager

Safety and Efficacy at Every Ingredient’s Core

Company Introduction 

More than 25 years ago, Cyvex was started in Toronto, Canada. The company was devoted exclusively to ingredients of natural origin for the manufacture of dietary supplements. Its mission and vision were to supply dietary supplement marketers with standardized, branded ingredients to ensure superior and reliable quality, potency and safety. Today, Cyvex Nutrition is one of the industry’s leading pioneers in developing and launching versatile and effective nutraceutical ingredients that consumers trust.

Cyvex moved to Irvine, CA in 1989 to better serve the burgeoning US dietary supplement industry. Cyvex continued to search for sources of pharmaceuticalgrade raw materials and to identify global leaders in the research and development of novel compounds. As one example, in 1998, Cyvex was named the exclusive North American sales and marketing partner for Gedeon Richter’s BioVinca®, the purest vinpocetine available, and the source material used for several landmark studies demonstrating efficacy for cognitive function and brain health. The company’s latest cognitive support ingredient, Cognisetin™, is a fisetin-based ingredient that has been shown to stimulate the signaling pathways that enhance long-term memory.

Cyvex has re-engineered the antioxidant ingredient category with its expanding roster of fruit- and vegetable- sourced offerings reflected in FlavoVital™, a comprehensive quick-reference guide to Cyvex’s line of flavonoids, as well as additions to the company’s Antioxidant Wheel, which presents Cyvex’s portfolio of antioxidants in a colorful and easy-to-use manner for R&D formulators.

Company Statement 

Cyvex Nutrition is a recognized leader in sourcing and providing novel ingredients that are also condition-specific. In addition, it is known for launching innovative and compelling ingredients that can be marketed as singular products or as part of formulations addressing specific systemic support.

Every Cyvex ingredient is extensively researched for safety and efficacy as well as for clearly identified mechanisms of action in animal models and human trials.


Cyvex Nutrition’s expert staff helps with proper and viable formulation and R&D to ensure our customers’ products’ success with the consumer.

Quality Assurance In 2007, Cyvex Nutrition received its cGMP certification that is supported by its longstanding innovative proprietary quality assurance protocol, NutriPrint®. To ensure the identity and purity of all ingredients it sells above and beyond all analytical testing, Cyvex’s NutriPrint employs sophisticated FT-NIR spectroscopy methods to scan a characteristic fingerprint on every shipment and every container. When first launched in 1988, NutriPrint represented one of the very first supplier-created QA protocols, emphasizing Cyvex Nutrition’s industry leadership and innovation.

Main Products 

Alfapro™, alfalfa juice protein concentrate; with functional beverage application 

AppleZin®, apple polyphenols (80 percent) with phlorizin (five percent); with functional beverage application 

AvoVida®, a natural extract of phytosterols from avocado and soy 

BerryVin™, high ORAC berry blend powder; with functional beverage application 

BioCosanol®, Policosanol, sugar cane extract 

BioVin®, full spectrum red grape extract; with functional beverage application 

BioVin® Advanced, French red wine extract with five percent resveratrol; with functional beverage application BioVinca, vinpocetine 

BroccoPhane®, broccoli sprout concentrate standardized for sulforaphane 

BroccoPlus™, broccolli concentrate standardized for sulforaphane and glucosinolates 

BroccoSinolate™, broccoli concentrate standardized for glucosinolates 

Chirositol™, d-Chiro-Inositol from carob juice; with functional beverage application 

Cognisetin™, Cyvex’s new fisetinbased ingredient for cognitive support 

CranLife™, cranberry extract, anthocyanins with functional beverage application Euro Black Currant, 25 percent anthocyanins; with functional beverage application 

KriaXanthin®, pure, natural Antarctic krill oil 

Lingonol™, lingonberry extract, standardized to five percent proanthocyanidins; with functional beverage application 

PhytoTropic™, high ORAC superfruit antioxidant blend; with functional beverage application 

PomActiv™, pomegranate extract, 70 percent ellagic acid; with functional beverage application 

Q-Vida®, quebracho extract; with functional beverage application 

Key Executives

• Gilbert Gluck, CEO

• Matthew Phillips, President and COO

Quality Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins and Homeopathics

For today’s fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace, the need for a dependable, versatile and validated contract manufacturer is immense. GMP Labs® meets that criterion. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and is representative of the company’s commitment to quality and excellence.
Renowned in the nutraceutical industry for the superior quality of its products and quick turnaround, GMP’s team of qualified professionals, which includes biochemists, PhDs and medical doctors, will offer innovative solutions for customers’ specific needs. A professional staff and its trademarked personal service have played a key role in establishing GMP Labs as a leading contract manufacturer of quality nutritional supplements, vitamins and homeopathic drugs.


Hard Shell Capsules
• Capacity exceeds 400 million per month 

• Capacity exceeds 500 million per month

• Customizable tablet shape 

Special Tablet Formulations
• Rapid release

• Sustained release

• Timed release

• Lozenge

• Sublingual

• Chewable 

• Aqueous coating

• Clear

• Color

• Enteric with pH control 

• RTD (ready-to-drink) supplements

• Premium health juices

• Herbal tinctures

• Oxygenated water 

Powder Blends (cGMP techniques)
• Capacity exceeds 1,000,000kg per month

• V-blending

• Planetary mixers

• Ribbon blending 

Soft Gel Encapsulation
• Capacity exceeds 10 million per month 

Particle Sizing
• Milling and granulating 

Quality Assurance 

State of the Art Facilities
• Federal OTC drug licensed facility

• Over 100,000 square foot buildings custom designed for pharmaceutical production

• Temperature and humidity controlled

• Dust collection system

• Extensive cGMP compliant SOP manual

• Product inspection in sorting lines 

Analytical & Microbiological Labs
• High Pressure Liquid

• Chromatograph (HPLC)

• Spectrophotometer

• Gas chromatograph

• USP dissolution testing apparatus

• Acid/base analytical setup

• Full physical testing capabilities

• In-house microbiological lab

• Raw material & finished product testing 

• Raw material warehouse

• Large walk-in refrigeration unit for probiotic storage 

Blister Cards with multiple configurations, Bottle Filling & Labeling

• Fully automated lines

• Flexible run sizes 

Big Container Filling
• From small jars to large buckets

• Ideal for protein powders 

On-the-go Single Servings
• Powder stick packs, packets and sachets

• Tablet/capsule packets

• Paper, cellophane and foil

• Great for product samples 

Custom Formulations
• GMP’s team of biochemists, pharmacists and medical doctors offer formulation assistance 

Pilot Batches
• Turn concept into reality with a free pilot batch when a full production batch of the pilot formula is purchased 

Research Library
• The company’s library provides detailed information on thousands of herbs, nutraceuticals, pharmacological, historic uses and research references

Export Certification
• GMPs product formulations meet all international conformities.

Key Executives

• Suhail Ishaq, President

• Asma Ishaq, Vice President

• Shakil Ahmad, Vice President of Compliance

Your Partner for Nutritionals Supporting Life

FrieslandCampina Domo is one of the operating companies formed from the merger between Friesland Foods Domo and Campina DMV in January 2009 to form Royal FrieslandCampina. Royal FrieslandCampina is a leading multinational company, with 22,000 employees and revenues of over nine billion euros.

With a new name and an expanded product portfolio, FrieslandCampina Domo is building a presence in the Americas market. In addition to its global research and development and production facilities, the company recently opened new commercial headquarters for the Americas in Northern New Jersey.

Leadership in the Bioactives and Nutritionals Markets 

FrieslandCampina Domo is built on a legacy of over 75 years of experience in ingredient discovery, innovation, development and marketing. The company today is therefore a leading player in the bioactives and nutritionals markets, providing options and solutions in many key markets including:

• Infant Nutrition: FrieslandCampina Domo’s expertise and leadership in ingredients for infant nutrition products is the underpinning for its high-quality standards and outstanding research and development capabilities. The company offers a range of specialty ingredients for this segment, including hypoallergenic and easy-to-digest peptides, and prebiotics for immune support.

• Medical Nutrition: FrieslandCampina Domo is a key supplier of ingredients for enteral and parenteral nutrition, as well as bioactive ingredients for products geared at the elderly nutrition market segment.

• Sports Nutrition: FrieslandCampina Domo’s sports nutrition portfolio is targeted at improving physical performance and post-exercise recovery. As a long-time player in this exciting segment, the company is re-establishing a presence with functional ingredients from high-value protein sources like whey, soy and wheat protein.

Ingredient Solutions 

As American consumers increasingly demand great-tasting products with ingredients that confer nutritional and health benefits, food, beverage and supplement manufacturers are seeking options to enable them meet the needs of their customers.

FrieslandCampina Domo offers a spectrum of ingredient solutions for added-value nutritional products and functional foods. These include:

• Whey protein hydrolysates

• Soy protein hydrolysate

• Vivinal® GOS (prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide)

• Glutamine peptides

• Caseinates

• Demineralized whey products

• Instant whey protein

• Lactose and lactose-based products

• Lactoferrin

• Colostrum 

In addition to its robust ingredient portfolio, FrieslandCampina Domo is continuously improving its ability to service customers and help them succeed, working in collaboration and partnership to build success.

IFT 2010: New Corporate Brochure 

FrieslandCampina Domo will be showcasing its products at the 2010 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo in Chicago, IL, July 17-20. The company will be located at booth 5050 in the Food Valley Pavilion.

FrieslandCampina Domo’s booth will highlight functional ingredients suitable for key consumer interest areas such as digestive health, immune support, calcium and mineral absorption, sports nutrition, improved protein and amino acid availability, and overall health and wellness. Product concepts, sales and applications support, and informational materials will be available.

The company will also be unveiling its brand new corporate brochure at the IFT Food Expo. The new corporate brochure defines and outlines FrieslandCampina Domo’s capabilities, expertise areas, product portfolio, partnership opportunities and overall strategic direction.

The brochure is an essential piece of FrieslandCampina Domo’s ‘Closer to You’ approach, providing information for customers and fostering open communication.

A Partner Through Every Step

Company Overview 

Since 1991 HealthCo™ has been providing health retailers with superior bulk and raw materials and private label services, as well as personal care and sports nutrition products. The company offers an extensive selection of valuedriven, science-based products backed by fast, friendly, reliable service. HealthCo presents many advantages: premium raw materials and bulk product inventory, customized private labeling, technical expertise and extensive domestic sourcing capabilities.


From raw materials and bulk orders, to private label and specialized products, HealthCo believes that quality products begin with the finest, freshest raw ingredients. From its 260,000 square foot operations facility, GMP certified since 2000, it manufactures and tests all raw materials and finished products to ensure identity, purity and potency. Many of HealthCo’s products utilize patented, trademarked and branded ingredients from companies such as Lonza, National Enzyme, Albion Labs, Sabinsa, InterHealth and many others. Direct importing, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, extensive quality control and longstanding vendor relations allow it to offer a wide range of nutritional products at very competitive prices.


HealthCo’s goal is to provide its customers with ingredients, products and services that enable them to be successful. Whether looking up past orders, tracking order status or working with customers to create custom formulas and DSHEA-compliant labels, HealthCo’s friendly, knowledgeable staff will assist throughout the entire process. The company believes that exceptional service is the foundation upon which all successful businesses are built. With this as its driving motivation, you can count on HealthCo to put its experience, professionalism and in-depth product knowledge to work for you. Value Staying cost-competitive without sacrificing quality or product integrity is one of the most common obstacles facing businesses in the natural product industry. As a company committed to quality, HealthCo can assist in leveraging the relationship you have with your own customers by providing superior bulk products and private label formulas at fair, competitive prices. By buying in bulk and working closely with some of the top names in the industry, HealthCo has built its own success by finding unique ways to pass these savings on.

Raw and Bulk Materials 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for bulk powders or finished, shelfready formulas, HealthCo offers one of the industry’s most extensive inventories. Its highly skilled Quality Control/Quality Assurance department holds all raw material providers to meticulous quality, safety and purity standards, and all raw materials are thoroughly inspected upon arrival. Raw materials have to pass tests for microbial contamination in the company’s state-of-the-art, on-site testing facility. This is one of the ways it ensures that customers are provided with products that are safe, highly stable and fresh through the best-by date.

Private Label Service 

HealthCo’s award-winning private label program makes it easy to tailor one’s own line of premium natural health products, completely personalized to fit a company’s unique image. It offers hundreds of popular products to choose from, and low minimums to help explore various options. Creating one’s own line of products is fast, fun and virtually effortless to get started. From choosing the best products and formulas to developing a label that jumps off the shelf, HealthCo’s private label specialists will guide customers through each step of production, development and shipping.

Personal Care Products 

The personal care industry continues to experience explosive growth, and HealthCo is proud to offer some of today’s most exciting products. Its all-inclusive selection of anti-aging creams, firming serums, AM/PM products and essential oils serve as an ideal way to add value to a company’s selection.
Its personal care experts will be happy to explain these and other popular items in detail, thus helping companies chose the ones that are best for them.

Sports Nutrition 

HealthCo is one of the very few companies to offer a full spectrum of potent sports nutrition products guaranteed to be 100 percent free of artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. Whether one is looking for raw materials or finished formulas, HealthCo is the best source for truly natural sports nutrition.

Main Products

• Natural dietary supplements

• Natural sports nutrition

• Natural health goods

• Personal care

• Essential oils and aromatherapy

• Men’s and women’s health

• Natural sweeteners

• Stevia 


• Natural Products Association

• Natural Health Research Institute

• American Herbal Association

• Association of Official Analytical Chemists

• American Oil Chemist Society

• American Herbal Products Association

• Vitamin Angels (Board Membership)

• National Health Research

• Citizens for Health

• Herb Research Foundation 

Key Executives

• Peter Sokoloski, Private Label Manager

• Donna DeSantis, Sales Representative

Providing the Best Lists in the Business

Macromark, Inc. opened its doors with only two lists. Since 1985, however, Macromark has become known, said the company, “as a prominent list company in its multiple areas of expertise, a true boutique list company.” 

Since then, Macromark, Inc. has been providing what it terms “the best nutraceutical lists in the business” to mailers of health related products, supplements, newsletters and magazines. According to the company, Macromark “is the industry leader for direct marketing list brokerage and list management.” 

“Our focus has been on targeting those individuals who are looking to obtain information and products to assist in their health issues,” said Macromark. “Some of the more prevalent indications are in the fields of virility, diet, anti-aging, cardiac, memory, joint pain, energy and vitamins. Through the expertise of our experienced list managers and brokers, we find and recommend only the very best lists that we know will work for your mailers.” 

Macromark also knows and partners with “the best companies in the direct marketing industry” for mail piece creation and production, call center and fulfillment services. Said Macromark, “We can provide all the essential elements of a successful direct mail campaign that allows you, the marketer, to communicate one to one with the consumer who buys!” 

According to the company, “Our highly experienced team of brokers and managers represent more than 250 clients in almost every category of the list market, every product and every mailer from astrology to zoology.” 

Every company is driven through success by its people, said Macromark. “Our list professionals have an average of 12 years per person of expertise with lists, alternative media and electronic marketing; the experienced service and support staff work seamlessly within their teams and they know that everything they do contributes to exceeding the goals of our clients.” 

Key Executives

• David Klein, CEO/President

• Adam Moran, Executive Vice President

Most Current Technology, Comprehensive Product Development Packages

Company Mission

“To bring digestive and therapeutic enzymes to the world.”

Company Description 

Since 1932, National Enzyme Company (NEC) has been the leader in nutritional enzyme technology. From research and development to marketing support, NEC provides manufacturers and distributors worldwide with comprehensive enzyme based dietary supplement services, while adhering to strict NSF and TGA certified GMPs. NEC’s primary focus is in product formulation and development—creating strong, marketable products that affect the nutritional industry in a positive and progressive manner. NEC’s corporate vision and mission is to establish supplemental enzymes as essential for a healthy life.

Company History 

“Enzymes are substances that make life possible, the key to unlocking good health and vitality. Without enzymes, our bodies would not be able to harvest the nutrients from the foods we eat. They are the manual workers that build the body from proteins, carbohydrates and fats,” said Edward Howell, MD, NEC founder.

Howell’s interest in enzymes and human nutrition began in the 1920s at the Lindlahr Sanitarium in Chicago. He theorized that if he could replace the enzymes lost in the cooking or processing of food, he could enhance nutrient assimilation and in turn, promote general good health.Howell learned that an enzyme-based product was needed to replace the food digestive enzymes lost in the cooking process.

Howell established a private practice for the treatment of advanced illnesses utilizing nutrition and physical therapy. Through extensive clinical and laboratory research, he developed a way to cultivate and extract certain plant enzymes.He then added the enzymebased supplements he created to the diets of his patients. These supplements had the unique ability to provide activity during all phases of the digestive process. Other physicians saw the results of improved health in his patients and as a result, in 1932, Howell created the National Enzyme Company to produce a general digestive enzymebased formula, Genuine N-Zime #1. NEC was incorporated in May of 1945 in the state of Illinois and was founded to meet the growing demands for his unique enzyme products.

In 1977, the current owner, Anthony Collier, began working for NEC as the office manager; in 1979 he purchased the company. Sales of Genuine N-Zime products that year were $78,000. After relocating to Forsyth, MO, NEC began experiencing growth in the private label sector. With the help of research and product development, marketing efforts, a technically trained sales staff and the ability to secure exclusive enzymes directly from the grower, NEC has strengthened its position as a manufacturer and marketer. As a result of the company’s focus on custom formulation, NEC has grown to become the leader in the enzyme supplement industry.


NEC is a world-class contract manufacturer of enzyme-based dietary supplements, using the most current technology in production to blend, encapsulate, label and bottle enzyme products. The company offers comprehensive product development packages. Each product created by the team of scientists is backed by technical data sheets, product rationales, certificates of analysis, full marketing support and more. These no charge, value added services are part of what help NEC stand apart from the competition.

Quality Assurance

NEC is cGMP certified by NSF International, including NSF GMP Certified for Sport, TGA (The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) and STAR-K Kosher certified.

Main Products 

NEC specializes in enzyme-based dietary supplements while also delivering comprehensive support and expertise to the industry. It offers exclusive and proprietary blends of both digestive and systemic enzymes, which are the culmination of nearly 80 years of extensive enzyme research. Branded blends include: Isolase®, Serrazimes®, Nattozimes®, CereCalase® and BioCore®, a nationally recognized line of digestive products.

Association Memberships

• ETA (Enzyme Technical Association)

• AHPA (American Herbal Products Association)

• ABC (American Botanical Council)

• ANA (American Nutraceutical Association)

• NPA (Natural Products Association)

Key Executives

• Anthony Collier, President and CEO

• Charles Amidon, COO

• Michael Cleary, Vice President of Innovation and Development

• Harold Fox, Director of Sales

• Demetrius Bledsoe, Director of Marketing

Novel Compounds Proven by Extensive Research

Natreon, Inc. focuses its efforts on developing novel compounds extracted from the traditional botanicals of ayurvedic medicine. With state-of-theart research facilities in India and a team of several PhDs, all of Natreon’s products are supported by rigorous scientific work, clinical studies and publications.

Founded in 1998, the company’s vision is to develop and market pharmaceutical- quality nutraceuticals, protected by intellectual property rights, proven by its extensive research and supported by structure-function claims.

The impressive achievements of Natreon’s research include the identification of the essential bioactive constituents of natural products, as well as the development of analytical methodology for measuring these constituents. Natreon has developed manufacturing techniques that enable optimal levels of bioactive ingredients for use by dietarysupplement, health food, beverage and cosmetics industries. Also, the company’s research meets the highest standards of excellence in its innovative formulation of proprietary blends, based on unique combinations of standardized extracts. With this, Natreon has redefined the meaning of “standardized extract” and raised its status to a scientific discipline. Natreon has honed an important expertise in the production of active principles, derivatives, extracts and ingredients, all of which are natural.

R&D Mission 

Its mission is to establish the molecular basis of action of herbal products according to tenets of modern science; develop human resources through training and mentoring; and serve the needs of the global marketplace by creating standardized ingredients of natural origin.

In addition to providing high-quality ingredients, Natreon also assists its manufacturers in achieving the maximum potential through the products it offers.

Natreon can assist manufacturers on many levels:

• Understanding the science and research behind its ingredients

• Selecting the right ingredient for customers’ finished products

• Incorporating its ingredient into formulations and applications

• Developing and substantiating health and label claims 

(US Patents Nos.: 6,124,268; 6,290,996; 6,235,721; 6,362,167; 6,649,150; EP 1 465 589) 

Derived from a highly purified and standardized extract of the unique antioxidant superfruit Phyllanthus emblica, or Indian gooseberry, Capros® provides long-lasting, broad-spectrum antioxidant activity. A clinical study in smokers proves several health benefits.

(US Patent Nos.: 6,440,436; 6,558,712; 6,969,612; 7,250,181 and EP 1 387 614)

PrimaVie® is a purified and standardized dietary supplement ingredient, derived from Shilajit and developed to provide energy to the body and mind. Unlike other Shilajit-based ingredients on the market today, PrimaVie works at the cellular level, making it a key contributor to healthy mitochondrial function and energy.

(US Patent Nos.: 6,713,092; 7,250,181; 7,318,938) 

Extracted from Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) roots and leaves, Sensoril® is safe for everyday use, and its anti-stress and cardiovascular effects are supported by a published clinical study. Sensoril works with the body to help restore balance and normalize functions.

Crominex®3+ is the safest chromium complex on the market today because it cannot be converted to the toxic compound Cr 6+, even in an oxidative environment. Crominex 3+ provides outstanding content uniformity in the finished product and is more cost effective than other chromium supplements on the market.

Ensuring Product Purity, Potency and Efficacy

Company Description

NHK Laboratories Inc. is an NPA/NSF/FDA CGMP, ISO 9001:2008, CCOF and QAI Organic, and ISNA Halal-certified custom formulator, contract manufacturer, and contract packager of private label dietary supplements. Established in 1987, NHK operates two state-of-the-art facilities on more than 90,000 square feet in Santa Fe Springs, CA and employs approximately 100 highly qualified people. In an effort to better serve its many international clients, NHK also has offices in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a fully equipped in-house analytical and microbiological laboratory, the company has the technical expertise and infrastructure to ensure product purity, potency and efficacy.


NHK’s contract manufacturing and contract packaging services include:

• Two-piece capsules

• Tablet compression

• Aqueous, sugar and enteric coating

• Label design and printing

• Turnkey packaging

• Formulation and product development

As a turnkey packager, the company can also help clients design and print their product labels. Finally, as per the new FDA GMPs regulating dietary supplements, NHK has a fully staffed and equipped analytical and microbiological laboratory. From stability testing to validated qualitative and quantitative test methodologies, it can ensure product purity, potency and efficacy.


Some popular products that NHK manufactures include:

• Multivitamin and multimineral formulas

• Joint formulas

• Antioxidants

• Herbal supplements

• Weight loss formulas

• Sports nutrition products 

More importantly, as a custom formulator, NHK can assist in the formulation of new dietary supplement products not yet on the market.

Clients Served 

NHK serves clients around the world. Its customers are located in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. NHK is highly experienced and proficient in dealing with foreign regulatory Requirements. Additionally, its privatelabel dietary supplements are sold in independent and mass-market specialty retailers, discount mass-market retailers, e-commerce retailers, multilevel marketers, wholesalers and pharmacies.

The Future 

NHK Laboratories is looking toward the future. Its manufacturing and packaging facilities are equipped with the latest in technology including Bosch 2000 capsule fillers, Bosch 701 capsule fillers and the Korsch XL400FT tablet press.
Specializing in the manufacture of tablets, capsules and powder drink mixes, NHK’s supplements are sold all over the world. With two state-of-the-art FDA cGMP compliant facilities as well as NPA GMP, NSF GMP, ISO 9001:2008, CCOF and QAI Organic certified locations, its team is well prepared to provide high quality products to meet today’s demand. Whether it’s a brand comparable or a custom tailored supplement, NHK brings your ideas to life.

Key Executive

• Shabbir M. Akand, Director, Sales and Marketing 

Top-notch Team Meeting Clients’ Needs

Nulab is an FDA-registered manufacturer of dietary supplements. The company makes products for various sales channels, including health food and mass market retail stores, radio and TV marketers, and health care professionals.

Nulab’s products are sold in several countries. Most of its production is evenly divided between the USA and Latin America. About 20 percent goes to Europe and Indonesia.

The company, which was founded in 1992 by CEO Hakan Johansson, occupies over 70,000 square feet of space in Clearwater, FL, employing 85 people. Twelve chemists work in the Quality Control and Assurance departments, making sure that Nulab complies with the new FDA regulations for dietary supplement manufacturing.

Nulab’s production capacity is in excess of four million tablets and capsules per day. The company can fill 50 thousand bottles with tablets or capsules daily and 150 thousand containers with powder. Nulab also makes singledosage sachets (daily capacity 250,000) and blisters (daily capacity 75,000).

Product development is an important part of the company. Scientific Director Anatoly Antoshechkin, PhD recently developed a complex with the four primary adaptogens. This preparation— ADMAX PLUS—has been the subject of two clinical trials. The first trial showed that the product increased the Production of T-cells and immunoglobulins among women undergoing chemotherapy. The second study demonstrated that the product more than doubles the activity of two genes: PANK2, which is involved in the body’s energy metabolism, and IGHG1, which is connected with immune system activity.

Antoshechkin graduated as a medical doctor from the First Moscow Medical Institute. He also holds a doctorate degree in molecular genetics. He previously worked at the Soviet Institute of Space Research, the Russian Institute of Molecular Genetics and at the Russian Olympic Committee. Antoshechkin is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

Nulab’s product development team also has specialists in flavor technology.
This has led to a line of great-tasting chewable dietary supplements.

The company is familiar with what is required to register a dietary supplement in a foreign country, and will provide such documentation including Export and Free Sales Certificates and certified cGMPs.

In line with the new FDA regulations, Nulab’s mission is to maintain a standard of quality throughout manufacturing that translates into an excellent product for our customer. See www.nulabinc.com for a video tour of Nulab’s manufacturing process.

Quality Assurance Director Catalina Ordonez, MS and Quality Control Director Sergio Miranda, BA work to supervise the critical control points that are essential to build quality into a product. A complete analytical laboratory, headed by Laboratory Director Edwar Olarte, BA, analyzes all raw materials as well as finished products for identity, purity, strength and composition.

Ordonez, in her capacity as quality assurance director, headed the task force that for one year implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to comply with the new regulations to make dietary supplements. She and her team of supervisors hold weekly training sessions for employees and carry out inspections to make sure that the SOPs are followed to the letter.

Part of Nulab’s services that are available to a customer is a full-service graphics design department, including video editing.

Nulab has produced a number of best-selling products, such as CALMAX, a top selling calcium and magnesium supplement (over seven million units sold to date).

A Source of Strength and Competitive Advantage

A contract manufacturer should be a source of strength for a company’s business, not the weak link. Nutri- Force Nutrition thrives with that principle at its core and as the focus of everything it does.

Operating in 120,000 square feet of cGMP compliant space, Nutri-Force provides strength through its advanced manufacturing, for an increasingly wide range of products. From product ideation and formulation development to manufacturing excellence and analysis in its inhouse laboratory, Nutri-Force delivers reliable expertise throughout.

Nutri-Force provides steadfast reliability of the supply chain for its clients.
Nothing hurts a company’s sales like not having product to sell. Nobody moves more aggressively to guarantee the supply chain for its clients than Nutri- Force does. Its innovative demand planning systems and processes create immediate demand and force action.

The company’s entire manufacturing team maintains a constant sense of urgency that translates into shorter lead times within the framework of firm compliance to cGMP guidelines. It is committed to being a source of strength and competitive advantage for its customers, never a weak link.

NFN labs, the company’s in-house analytical laboratory, is fully equipped to support its operation and its customers. It employs a wide range of equipment including HPLCs, atomic absorption, ICP-MS, infra-red spectrophotometer, accelerated stability chambers and complete microbiology lab, and it continues to add to its facility on a regular basis. It’s not just about the equipment though. Having the right professionals makes a big difference in reliable laboratory work. Nutri-Force’s lab is well-staffed with chemical engineers and PhDs at the forefront of their craft. Ensuring the quality of clients’ products provides the confidence the Need to focus on growing their business instead of looking back.

Obtaining maximum efficiency in manufacturing is the key to world-class manufacturing. That’s why Nutri-Force has implemented an industry-first manufacturing execution system that provides full automation of shop-floor data collection. Every minute of every machine is automatically tracked and monitored for compliance to standards. Both efficiency and product- specific quality standards are in place. A complex hierarchy of automatic e-mails and text messages makes sure superiors are notified of any deviations or quality and efficiency risks. The result is an ultra efficient, ultra precise, world-class operation.

Nutri-Force strives to be the perfect partner. It can support its clients in any and all steps of their product process from ideation and graphic design to development, production and marketing. The company’s international registration experience also provides strength to many existing clients.

In addition to its contract manufacturing services, Nutri-Force distributes several leading brands in general nutrition, sports nutrition and specialty nutrition. The company is proud of the partnerships it has formed in the industry. Through hard work, ethical and honest business practices, and impeccable customer service, Nutri-Force believes that it truly is a source of strength for all of its clients.

Partnering With Clients to Facilitate Growth

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI), founded in 1989 as a contract packager, has rapidly grown to become the largest capacity soft gelatin capsule manufacturer in the United States and a leading vendor for private label and contract manufacturing services. In addition to soft gel encapsulation, RPI offers tablet, capsule, powder processing and extensive packaging capability. As a full-service contract manufacturer, RPI offers concept-toproduct capability and provides a compelling combination of on-time delivery, competitive pricing, accurate production and professional courteous service. RPI positions itself as a multitalented, integrated problem solver that can provide clients with outsourced manufacturing and packaging capabilities. RPI partners with clients to facilitate their growth by solving their product challenges and allowing them to focus on their customers.

Quality Assurance

• NPA cGMP Certified as compliant with current good manufacturing practices 21CFR Part 111

• STR RQP (Retail Quality Program) Certified as compliant with current good manufacturing practices 21CFR Part 111

• Registered Drug Establishment with the state of California and licensed to manufacture drugs in its tablet and capsule facility 


• With 22 soft gel production lines and the ability to manufacture 12 billion soft gelatin capsules per year, RPI is committed to providing the shortest lead times, competitive pricing and unparalleled production capacity.

• Over three billion tablets and capsules can be made in the company’s drug licensed solid dose production facility with production batches as small as 300,000.

• Annual production volumes of 70 million bottles and 90 million blister packages can be run in its in-house packaging facility.

Point of Differentiation 

RPI has invested extensively to differentiate itself from all other manufacturers and offers a combination of technologically advanced improvements to the soft gel production process that allow the company to offer a better level of service to the client.

Faster soft gel manufacturing is achieved using continuous dry technology versus traditional tunnel drying. This innovation cuts three days from the production time of the soft gels by use of a continuously feed drying basket system that expedites and perfects the drying process.

Hand Free fully automated digital vision inspection system can inspect and package up to one million soft gels per hour versus more typical manual inspection.

Continuous enteric coating is now part of RPI’s in-house capabilities and it can offer both traditional and GRAS formulation enteric coatings on soft gels.
Typically this process required shipment to a specialist coater and reshipment to a packaging facility, adding weeks to the production timeline. RPI expedites the process and is fully responsible for product outcomes as all processing is done in its facility.

Analytical Capabilities

• In-House quantitative, qualitative and microbiological analytical laboratories

• Comprehensive capabilities for ingredient and finished product testing 


RPI provides the following contract manufacturing and private label services:

• Soft gelatin encapsulation

• Tablet compression

• Two piece capsule filling

• Powder blending

• Blister packaging

• Bottle filling

• Product development and ingredient sourcing

• Comprehensive private label brand management 

Product Focus

Omega-3 Fish Oil Soft Gels — the best prices, fastest service and highest-quality American-made omega-3 soft gels 

Association Memberships

• Natural Products Association (NPA)

• Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)

• Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

• National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS)

• International Fish and Fishmeal Organization (IFFO) 

Key Executives

• Tuong Nguyen, Founder, President and CEO

• Suliman Jahangiri, Senior Vice President of Sales

Bringing to Market Products With Scientific and Clinical Substantiation

Company Statement 

Sabinsa’s mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and wellbeing, and to be a responsible biotechnology based research, manufacturing and marketing company supplying the finest raw materials to provide innovative solutions to the dietary supplement, cosmetic, specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Company History 

Sabinsa Corporation, founded in 1988, is a manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts, cosmeceuticals, minerals and specialty fine chemicals. Over the past twenty years, Sabinsa has brought to market more than 100 standardized botanical extracts and privately funded several clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. Its present operations have grown to employ 1000 people worldwide in 10 manufacturing, R&D and/or distribution facilities. Additionally, botanical cultivation efforts undertaken by the organization now total nearly 40,000 acres to ensure sustainable supplies on its key products. All products intended for human consumption are certified kosher with many even halal certified.

Emphasis on developing and bringing to market products with scientific and clinical substantiation is Sabinsa’s core business philosophy and is in large part responsible for fueling the company’s ongoing commercial success. Sabinsa has obtained several IND approved clinical protocols for its products from the FDA. With more than 100 scientists working full time conducting ongoing research both in India and the United States, Sabinsa continues to develop and patent beneficial nutrients for the world market.

Presently, Sabinsa owns over 50 US and international patents, and has over 60 pending patent applications worldwide. The company is also a three-time recipient of the prestigious Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award, given annually by the New Jersey R&D Council in recognition of the most revolutionary product innovations and important scientific breakthroughs originating in New Jersey. ForsLean® garnered the honors In 2004; in 2005 the recipient was Cosmoperine®, and in 2009 the recipient was GarCitrin®. The company also has many recognized trademarked ingredients.

Committed and dedicated to the principles of innovation, tradition and research, Sabinsa supplies high quality innovative standardized herbal extracts, phytonutrients, probiotics, enzymes, spice extracts, minerals, specialty chemicals and fine chemicals for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The natural extracts and phytonutrients are derived from botanicals with a long history of traditional food, medicinal and cosmetic use. Every product is backed by application-oriented scientific research. Sabinsa Corporation has developed novel approaches to retaining the biological activity of these ingredients while simultaneously addressing formulation challenges and product safety criteria.

Main Products 

Sabinsa manufactures and markets phytonutrients and standardized herbal extracts, specialty fine chemicals and organic intermediates used in the nutritional, pharmaceutical and food industries. Some of its products include BioPerine®‚ ForsLean‚ Garcitrin‚ Selenoforce®‚ Saberry®, LactoSpore®‚ Bacopin®, Boswellin®, Citrin®, Cosmoperine, Curcumin C3 Complex®, DigeZyme®, Fabenol®, FenuFibers®, Fenusterols®, Gugulipid®, Gymnema Sylvestre GS4®, Momordicin®, Picroliv®, Saberry®, Salaretin®, Selenium SeLECT®, Silbinol® and Venocin®.


Sabinsa’s specialized services include custom product development, technical support and testing lab facilities, assistance in clinical evaluation and protocol implementation. Sabinsa has established offices in the US, India and Japan and has recently opened new offices in Europe, Australia and South Africa.
Sabinsa also has agents that represent its product line throughout South America and Far East Asia.

Quality Assurance

• ISO/ IEC 170025:2005 certified labs

• ISO 22000



• cGMP Compliant 

Association Memberships 

Key Executives

• Dr. Muhammed Majeed, Founder

• Jeff Lind, CEO

• Hame Persaud, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

• Shaheen Majeed, Marketing Director

Specialty Enzymes Customizes to Exacting Needs

With a history spanning half a century, Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies Co. (SEB) has emerged as a worldwide leader in the production of plant, microbial and animal-based enzymes. In 1957, its founder, L.C. Rathi, pioneered the extraction of papain, an enzyme complex derived from papaya fruit and widely used for pharmaceutical and medical purposes. Since 1985, SEB has continued to grow with that same entrepreneurial and innovative spirit bringing nature to science.

With environmentally friendly biotechnology as its base, SEB’s extensive research advances have led to the development of more than 400 unique enzyme products, making it a major supplier in raw material, customized blends and branded products to more than 25 industries worldwide. From amylase to xylanase and everything in between, SEB manufactures enzymes and probiotics, both of which add value to its clients’ endeavors and enhance the quality of life for all. As an actual manufacturer, the company’s technical enzyme experts create enzyme solutions for virtually any application where the catalytic power of enzymes can be used.

SEB prides itself as one of the few manufacturers in the world that produces a full-spectrum of enzymes derived from all four natural origins: plant, fungal, bacterial and animal. It also manufactures probiotics, especially Bacillus coagulans and Saccharomyces boulardii. Its state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced solid state and submerged fermentation technologies available. The company offers full production capacity, which allows for the timely delivery of products to its clients around the globe.

Industries such as food, beverage, cosmetics and nutraceuticals depend upon SEB’s enzymes to increase the rate, quality and quantity of production.
As a result, the company brings costsaving benefits to both manufacturer and end-user by offering better product control, greater efficiency, lower energy requirements and distinctive environmental advantages.

At Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies Co., building enduring relationships with customers is at the heart of its business. The company’s No. 1 goal is to provide the best in technical advice, superior service and the most effective enzyme and probiotic products. Hundreds of clients in over 25 industries throughout the world turn to SEB for enzyme solutions that facilitate their special needs and applications.


SEB has three ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturing plants. In addition, the NPA certifies it as a GMP facility.

As an actual manufacturer, SEB can customize enzyme and/or probiotic blends that meet the client’s exacting needs. The company also has a large variety of proprietary enzyme blends that are geared toward specific and general digestive needs as well as a line of systemic enzymes and enzyme blends. Its enzymologists and other technical staff are prepared to offer technical support for formulations or other practical needs.

Quality Assurance

The company’s enzymes are manufactured under a quality management system consistent with International Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001:2000. Purity specifications comply with FAO/WHO JECFA and FCC recommended standards for foodgrade enzymes.

All QA/QC laboratory procedures are in compliance with GMP standards.

Main Products

• DigeSEB®

• Veg-Panzyme®

• Exclzyme®

• HemiSEB®

• Peptizyme SP®

• SEBkinase®

• DairySEB®

• Prohydroxy P®

• Pepzyme AG®

• ClenzSEB®

• SEB-Gluten Relief®

• SEBiotic®

• ProbioSEB® 

Association Memberships 

Key Executives

• Vic Rathi, President

• Mike Smith, Vice President

• Hui Zhu, PhD, Laboratory Manager

A Dedicated Partner Meeting Manufacturing Needs

Vita-Tech International, Inc. is a Usbased manufacturer and innovator of nutritional supplements with over 56 years of service to the natural products industry. It manufactures tablets, twopiece capsules and powders of the highest quality in an FDA licensed, cGMP pharmaceutical environment.

When seeking a partner for a product line, companies want the best: a company they can trust to always look out for their business success … stay giant steps ahead of the rest of the industry … and make each tablet, powder or two-piece capsule to their exact specifications and marketing vision. Vita-Tech wants to be that partner. Whether one is looking for a collaborative relationship or a turnkey solution, Vita-Tech International, Inc. is ready to meet those manufacturing needs.

Services Vita-Tech offers:

• Trust

• Security

• A modern analytical laboratory

• Innovative formulation design

• High-volume/high speed equipment

• Packaging services

• Rigorous quality assurance 

Vita-Tech serves contract manufacturers and private label clients globally. The company is cGMP compliant and has cGMP certification.

Vision Into Reality With Vita-Tech Expertise 

Vita-Tech has the capacity to meet a company’s needs in a cost-competitive environment by investing in the most advanced equipment, technology and processes, and, most importantly, dedicated professionals: real people with purpose! It offers market-specific formulation and marketing counsel for tablets, two-piece capsules and powders. New, two-piece capsule banding capabilities offer the latest safety, security, and market unique enhancements.


Vita-Tech’s outstanding reputation and track record have deep roots in a culture of integrity, quality and innovation— and a commitment to recruit and retain excellent people. In fact, most managers have been with the company for over 25 years and the professional production staff has an average tenure of 12 years. Professionals at work for you make the difference.


• Powders

• Two-piece capsules

• Tablets

• Capsule banding

• Enteric coating

• Formulation 

Quality Assurance 

From the moment raw ingredients enter the segregated receiving area to the time finished products are shipped, Vita-Tech’s comprehensive quality assurance program and strict cGMP certified controls ensure that products meet the most exacting standards. Every ingredient and step of the production process is validated and verified in its on-site laboratories, and historical samples and complete documentation are archived for each batch.

Dedicated Partner 

Whatever a company’s needs—contract manufacturing, custom packaging services, formulation design, product development or marketing expertise—put Vita-Tech’s comprehensive knowledge and PhD-level technical staff to work for you. It has invested wisely to ensure that requirements are supported.

Blending the power of nature with the wisdom of nutritional science, Vita-Tech empowers others to take charge of their health so that they can enjoy their future. In fact, everything the company does is in support of its goal to improve lives: yours, that of your family and your global neighbors.

Global Reach 
Vita-Tech serves private label clients in over 22 countries.

Great Nutritional Products Deserve Great Manufacturing 

As a trusted leader in private label formulation and manufacturing, Vita-Tech is dedicated to its clients’ successes. Its professional staff is committed to cGMP compliance and to the development of scientifically formulated nutritional supplements that support a healthy quality of life for customers as well as a healthy bottom line for business.

Key Executives

• Thomas T. Tierney, President and CEO

• Greg Williford, Vice President of Sales and Client Services

Product Management and Commitment to Rely on

Contract manufacturer Access Business Group’s nutrition facility has been producing high-quality nutritional products since 1934. Complete with a fully functioning pilot plant, this site also features a stick pack line and pouch packaging lines to help its customers meet consumer demand for powdered drinks and nutritious meal supplements. Both operate under GMP standards for control and management to ensure consistent product quality and operating efficiencies.
Access Business Group’s powdered nutrition facility is FDA and TGA certified.

The company’s customers include some of the world’s top pharmaceutical corporations, whose brand name products are found in households throughout North America. They regularly rely on Access Business group’s product management capabilities, its commitment to Lean practices and cGMP as well as its ability to meet rigorous quality standards.


• Tablets

• Granulations

• Powder mixes

• Stick packs


Access Business Group gets excited about agglomeration so its customers don’t have to. Its extremely clean, stateof- the-art facility operates with top-line equipment to supply natural and fiber products, glucosamine blending and calcium granulations needed to produce top-selling nutritional products.


Access Business Group’s employees are highly trained to provide an exceptional customer experience. Here, companies will find the same top-quality manufacturing environment they would expect in their own facilities. At Access Business Group, count on the first-rate resources required to do the job right, on time and on budget.

Key Executives

• Stan Vander Roest, Executive Director

• Bev Phillips, Global Account Manager

• Mia Stehlik, Global Account Manager

Dedication to Principles for 40+ Years

American Laboratories, Inc. (ALI) is a manufacturer that was founded in 1967 in Omaha, NE. The foundation of ALI was built on the knowledge of providing enzymes, proteins and flavors to the nutritional, food and diagnostic industries with a motto of “Quality Ingredients you can Trust.” Over 40 years later, ALI still holds true to the same principles; however, it has expanded its operations to include three separate facilities that total over 150,000 square feet of production, warehouse and office areas. ALI is proud to be known as an industry leader and currently offers over 300 products to various industries including: nutritional, food, diagnostic, veterinary and pharmaceutical.

Quality, accuracy and customer service are very important aspects of ALI; it strives to continually be above and beyond its customers’ expectations. The company’s staff is capable of providing materials to varying customer specification requirements, including but not limited to enzyme activity, diluents and particle size. Its Quality Assurance and Quality Control departments conduct microbiological, chemical and analytical tests in its 10,000 square foot laboratory. Its regulatory department is familiar with and complies with FDA, USDA, EPA, EU and various other regulatory standards and guidelines. Finally, it has a customer service staff committed to being there for Its customers and assisting in making their product development and ordering needs as seamless as possible.


• Enzymes (pancreatin, pepsin, bromelain, papain, fungal, custom fungal, industrial and enzyme blends)

• Proteins (beef, pork and chicken liver powders)

• Peptones (casein hydrolysate, microbiotone and proteose micro)

Key Executives

• Jeff Jackson, President/CEO

• Kenny Soejoto, COO

• Rod Schake, Vice President of Sales

• Al Asherin, Vice President of Regulatory

• Tom Langdon, Vice President of Quality Assurance

• Jan Giwoyna, Vice President of Administration

Natural Ingredients, Innovative Processes

Company Description 

ESM Technologies is the leading supplier of eggshell calcium and eggshell membrane wellness ingredients. ESM’s chemical- free, patented process has allowed the introduction of innovative and unique ingredients to the marketplace: NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane) and ESC® (EggShell Calcium).

ESM Technologies’ patented NEM ingredient is clinically proven to improve joint health and flexibility faster than any other joint health ingredient.
Composed of naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans including chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, NEM also contains collagen and other beneficial proteins.

ESM Technologies’ ESC is one of Nature’s purest and most absorbable forms of calcium. ESC naturally combines ultrapure calcium carbonate with inherent transport proteins for maximum absorption and essential trace minerals for increasing bone mineral density. This unique, 100 percent natural source of calcium contains a high level of elemental calcium, allowing for superior bioavailability. ESC is also very low in heavy metals; lead levels are more than 50 times lower than CA Prop 65 standards.

Main Products

• NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane)

• ESC (EggShell Calcium) 

Technologies and Patents

• Patent numbers: US6946551B2 and US7017277B1

• All materials are manufactured in the US—no imported materials.

• NEM and ESC are eco-friendly

Major Markets

• Vitamin/mineral supplements

• Joint health

• Bone health

• Functional foods

• Nutritional 

Quality Assurance 

ESM Technologies produces NEM (Natural Eggshell Membrane) and ESC (Eggshell Calcium) under cGMP standards as defined by the Food and Drug Administration under Regulation 21 CFR § 111. ESM Technologies has been a NSF independently verified cGMP manufacturer since 2009.

Key Executives

• Micah Osborne, President

• Chris Haynes, Director of Sales

• Kevin Ruff, PhD, MBA, Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

• Tracy Watson, Director of Operations

Highest Quality at the Forefront

Company Statement 

HerbaKraft, Inc. is the foremost source of expertly crafted raw materials for nutritional supplements, functional foods, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. It supplies only the highest quality ayurvedic extracts and powders, while strictly adhering to cGMP and GMP standards. HerbaKraft provides full documentation for all of its materials in accordance with SIIP Working Group Protocol in addition to full back traceability upon request. It can also provide assistance in manufacturing, research and development, product formulation and product viability.

Key Trademarked Products 

Psyllium GI – An innovative, fully traceable, gel forming dietary fiber, formulated to support healthy gut flora and overall gastrointestinal function 

GCB fit – A dual purpose, premium green coffee bean extract developed to promote optimal anti-oxidant activity while contributing to healthy body weight maintenance 

Carnibright – Contains the essential compound L-carnitine, and is recommended for boosting cognitive ability, combating mental stress and maintaining vibrant memory and body 

PepGL – A specialized type of licorice extract with a gentle formulation that supports healthy stomach lining and overall gastric function 

Association Memberships 

Key Executives

• Vinod Khanijow, Executive Vice President

• Tara Trainor, Executive Director of Sales and Marketing

* The statements herein have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. None of these products are intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

Probiotic Success From Culture to Consumer

Nutraceutix contract manufactures high viability probiotics and premium controlled delivery nutraceuticals for quality- conscious private labels and brands that are “Better for the Brand. Better for the Retailer. Better for the Consumer.” Nutraceutix leverages an unmatched collection of patented and patent-pending processes and technologies collected during its more than 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical industry. Probiotics are offered in bulk powders, bulk finished product and complete turnkey bottled forms.

Company Statement 

As a prime manufacturer of probiotic products, Nutraceutix controls theEntire production process of over 20 beneficial, naturally occurring organisms. The company is recognized for its patented LiveBac® probiotic shelf-life enhancements and its patented BIOtract ® and Viablend® delivery technologies which ensure that the delivery of probiotics and other sensitive payloads pass stomach acids to optimal sites in the intestinal tract. Nutraceutix delivery technologies also accommodate release profiles from simple buffering to once daily, extended release for a wide variety of suitable nutraceutical ingredients. Nutraceutix-made products are selling in thousands of leading retail outlets and are available in bulk powder, tablets, capsules and fully finished, labeled bottles.


Nutraceutix offers custom formulations of superior probiotics and advanced nutraceuticals, probiotic bulk material supply, finished product production and bottling.

Main Products

• Premium PrimeBiotix® bulk probiotic powders

• Patented LiveBac extended shelf-life tableting process for probiotics

• Patented BIO-tract delivery technology for acid protection and optimal release of sensitive payloads like probiotics and others

• Viablend delivery technology for plain capsules

• Immunobiotix®, researched immune system stimulating probiotic product 

Association Memberships 

Key Executives

• Steve Moger, President and CEO

• Randy Schoenfeldt, Vice President of Business Development

• Tim Gamble, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

• Harry Lyle, Sales Manager, Bulk Probiotics

• Scott Stobaugh, Sales Manager, Finished Goods

PINES: Premium Cereal Grass Products

In recent years, PINES has committed profits to land preservation projects.
The company has also made progress in its goal of bringing chemically abused farmland under organic certification. All of PINES’ farmland is maintained without the use of herbicides or pesticides, and it has brought over 1,000 acres into organic certification. It has also encouraged and aided many local farmers in achieving organic certification.

Company Statement 

PINES specializes in growing and processing wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa and other green food concentrates. The ideal environment, organic farming methods and careful attention to detail at every step have made the PINES name synonymous with premium cereal grass products. PINES supplies raw materials and also offers a full line of bottled products. Most products are available in tablets, whole leaf powders and juice powders.

Main Products

• Wheat grass

• Barley grass

• Alfalfa

• Beet juice powder

• Oat grass

• Rye grass 


• In-house testing

• Private labeling

• Educational support 

Quality Assurance

• GMPs

• Lot number on label

• Expiration dates on label

• UPC on label

• Tamper evident packaging

• Tamper resistant packaging

• Complete ingredient disclosure on label

• In-house lab analyses

• Independent lab analyses

• Certificate of analysis

• Money back guarantee

• Certified organic products

• Certified kosher products 

Association Memberships

• American Botanical Council (ABC)

• Natural Products Association (NPA)

Key Executives

• Allen Levine, Director of Sales

• Jeff Richards, Operations Manager