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Emerald Brand Announces the Formation of the Emerald Eco-Squad


New York-based Emerald Brand, a leader in Tree-Free and Plastic-Free disposables technology, has announced the formation of its consultative Eco-Squad. Founded more than 20 years ago by Ralph Bianculli Sr., Emerald Brand’s mission has been to mainstream sustainability by delivering environmental and healthy products that are high quality and cost competitive, according to the company. Over the span of two decades, Emerald has morphed beyond a sustainable product manufacturer into a material technology provider in the production of Tree-Free pulp to finished goods. Now, furthering the company’s standing as a true sustainability provider, the Emerald Eco-Squad provides sustainability consultation and solutions.

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Emerald’s Eco-Squad is staffed by sustainability experts throughout the U.S. The Squad’s core goal is to educate, communicate and implement environmental strategies into Emerald’s licensed distributor and end-user client organizations.

“Educating the entire supply chain on sustainability is imperative and has been a mandate we have initiated at Emerald Brand from our inception. Sound and factual information related to our Tree-Free and plastic-free technology is at the cornerstone of the Emerald mission,” stated Bianculli Sr., founder and CEO.

“We are finding that corporations along with supply channel partners are yearning for an expert resource that goes beyond delivering sustainable products and material technology. The Eco-Squad’s service solutions include tools that will quantify your company’s Environmental Impact, consulting solutions that aim to lower your organization’s carbon footprint, and on-site events that educate and communicate these initiatives to your stakeholders,” added Ralph Bianculli Jr., managing director of Emerald Brand.

In addition, the Eco-Squad is driving composting solutions in strategic regions throughout the U.S. by partnering with haulers, commercial composting facilities and on-site digesting machines that will cost-effectively divert organic waste and Emerald’s compostable products from landfills. This full circle, cradle-to-grave solution enables clients to seamlessly complete their sustainability program in the disposables segment.

Bianculli, Jr. noted, “these are just a few of the tools we have leveraged to bring our partners a true full circle environmental experience.”

Since its inception, Emerald’s Eco-Squad has worked with hundreds of major clients nationally. The squad will continue to be a key component in broadening Emerald’s mission to protect life by mainstreaming sustainability.

For more information, visit www.emeraldbrand.com.