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Fizzy Delivery

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Love Pop Rocks?

Well, Pink Ice Energy (and this type of delivery system) may be just right for female consumers!

American Science Products, Inc. (ASP) is a nutraceutical company based in California, that has developed Pink Ice utilizing its gasified crystal delivery platform. Consumers have to just pour the packet contents into their mouth to get a fizzy nutritional and breath-freshening experience.

According to the company’s president, Craig McManis, “Pink Ice Energy is a completely new way to get your daily boost of vitamins, minerals and energy. Each packet contains fast-acting crystals that pop and dissolve releasing essential energy boosting supplements with only 5 calories. This unique dietary supplement uses a patent-pending gasified crystal technology to deliver an amazing, powerful yet balanced approach to both energy and health. Activated crystals also provide the added benefit of reducing odor-causing bacteria while providing a fun and healthy experience. Fast, convenient and fun – it’s vitamins energy and fresh breath in one.”

“American Science Products works closely on product concept and manufacturing with Popping Fun Inc.; in fact, the IP patents are jointly held by ASP and Popping Fun,” added McManis. “American Science Products is the exclusive partner for the nutraceutical market for this technology; the production process is proprietary and only one facility in the U.S. can make these products.”

Why Pink Ice?

“We position Pink Ice as the healthy alternative to the existing products currently in the market,” noted McManis. “Pink Ice Energy provides mental clarity and energy by offering a careful balance to your system. Each serving delivers a daily dose and more of the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs, including: vitamins C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium, caffeine and zinc in raspberry mint flavor. One serving is just 5 calories. Consumers can take Pink Ice Energy morning, noon or night or before workouts, during sports, after lunch/mid-afternoon, during long drives, when they want to combat fatigue or when they just need a boost.”

Can other companies get in on this act?

“It is our intention to manufacture our own products and manufacture for other brands,” said McManis.

“We have a range of products completed based on our carbonated crystal delivery mechanism,” McManis added. “Carbonated crystals as a nutraceutical delivery vehicle offer the following benefits:

•Low water content

•Extend time in the oral cavity making them ideal for oral care applications like breath freshener. No one swallows carbonated crystals until they stop popping.

•Sugar free or natural options

•Long shelf life

•Fun delivery

•Highly portable single serving sachets

•Product can be poured directly into the mouth (no water needed) or added to food to create a fun, exploding, flavorful, healthy additive to kids food.”

“We have completed a range of single serving carbonated crystal delivery products,” said McManis, “including Vita Ice Kids (vitamins for kids) , Vita Ice (adult vitamins), Probiotic Ice (for digestive health) , Breath Ice (breath freshener) HangOver Ice (for Hangovers) and Sleep Ice (sleep aid).

For more information, visit http://pinkiceenergy.com.