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GC Rieber Foundations Expand its Philanthropic Work

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GC Rieber VivoMega (Norway) has shared the news regarding The GC Rieber Foundation’s new corporate philanthropic endeavor. The GC Rieber Foundations have increased its ownership in the GC Rieber Group to nearly 50 percent, which means that almost 50 percent of its annual earnings goes back to society through social, cultural and scientific contributions.

“Our vision today, as it has been for over 140 years, is driven by the desire for economic, human and social development. The GC Rieber Foundations support people of all ages who require additional attention,” said Paul-Christian Rieber, GC Rieber CEO. “From 2022 on, it is fair to say that nearly every second dollar earned by GC Rieber will be distributed to the social projects supported by GC Rieber Foundations.”

Started in 1929 by the Rieber family, The GC Rieber Foundations manage philanthropic and charitable contributions to benevolent and social initiatives across a wide array of cultural and scientific projects, including social welfare, arts, research programs and outdoor life. The added funding to these programs will allow GC Rieber to increase its impact and assist more people within its community.

The program currently supports the following initiatives:

·      The Children’s Physiotherapy Center: This renowned center specializes in child and adolescent physiotherapy, manual 27. Barnas Fysioterapisentertherapy, psychomotor physiotherapy, and clinical neurological physiotherapy. The positive results from the treatment provided at the center are now published in the European Journal of Physiotherapy. In 2018, The GC Rieber Foundations has granted approximately kr. 1 million (more than $99K [U.S.]) in treatments.

·      Healthier with Fish Oil: GC Rieber VivoMega is cooperating with Haukeland University Hospital on a research project to establish whether high doses of omega-3 can reduce the level of inflammation in the body.

·      Helgeseter: Established by the Rieber family in 1954, was one of the first programs to serve as a home and school that provided a developmental environment for children with special needs who, at the time, did not have a good offer from the public sector. Today, Helgeseter is seen as a community and institution that offers a therapeutic social space for children and adults.

·      Helgetun: Helgetun is an entirely unique housing project for seniors who are social and active. The goal is for the residents to stay mentally and physically healthier, have lower medication use, and remain at home longer than average. Helgetun is the largest investment project of the GC Rieber Foundations.

“The vision and values of GC Rieber have always been about creating joint futures,” said Chris Hachey, U.S. business development manager of GC Rieber VivoMega. “Social responsibility and sustainable development are cornerstones of our business, and we are thrilled to be able to announce this new development within the GC Rieber family and be able to make a larger social impact.”

For more information, visit https://www.gcrieber.no/?lang=en.

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