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Lycored Launches Lycopedia Educational Hub


Lycored (Orange, NJ) has announced the launch of its Lycopedia, an interactive educational hub that tells the narrative journey of Lycoredlycopene and its effect on the body during different stages of life. By creating the Lycopedia, Lycored hopes it will act as a timeless resource that showcases the incredible health benefits of lycopene, the red-hued tomato-derived carotenoid used in food and beverage and oral supplementation.

From early life, younger adult, midlife adult and older adult, the Lycopedia guides visitors through an interactive journey on lycopene, expanding on the various benefits this carotenoid provides to the body during each phase of life. Health concerns covered throughout the timeline include preeclampsia, lung health, skin health, fertility, cardiovascular health, vision health, osteoporosis and prostate health.

“We have focused a large part of more than 50 clinical studies on exploring lycopene’s different beneficial roles in our wellness at every stage of life, which resulted in us taking our Lycored Nutrient Complex range for specific indications mainstream, yet we are only scratching the surface on what our hero carotenoid is capable of for our wellbeing,” said Rony Patishi-Chillim, Lycored president and CEO. “With further research we have been able to unearth a multitude of health benefits and, as a result, we want to also make consumers and our industry aware of the significance of lycopene, not just for wellness benefits, but as a lifelong ally.”

The launch of the Lycopedia showcases both the depth of research and undeniable commitment Lycored has to the well-being and education of creating wellness from within. Through the belief that nature holds a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be unearthed, Lycored plans to continue to introduce education tools to their community including a link to its Lycopedia on their un-branded consumer facing website, lycopene.com, and via wide ranging partnerships including its brand ambassador network.

For more information, visit www.lycored.com/lycopedia.

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