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Mariani Packing Partners with Ganeden Biotech

Dried Fruit Natural health benefits of dried fruit

California-based Mariani Packing Company has partnered with Ohio-based Ganeden Biotech. This partnership allows Mariani to build upon the company’s legacy of innovation through the development of a new portfolio of dried fruit snacks and ingredient products utilizing GanedenBC30 Probiotic Cultures.

“We are very excited for our upcoming launch of consumer products, initially focused on digestive health and overall wellness, as well as the portfolio of fruit ingredients in development that we will be able to provide for our global customers,” said Miranda Ackerman, director of innovation and business development at Mariani Packing.

Combining the natural health benefits of dried fruit with a highly stable probiotic culture will allow consumers to add probiotics to their everyday snacking and eating occasions in a more versatile and convenient way. As the market and education on probiotics increases, consumer awareness continues to grow—currently about 80 percent of consumers know what probiotics are and associate them with a health benefit.

“This dried fruit innovation combines prebiotics and probiotics into a truly functional health product that is complemented by antioxidants,” said Dr. Holly Petty, director of technical services and innovation at Mariani Packing.

For more information, visit www.mariani.com or www.ganedenbiotech.com.