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New Jersey Man Arrested for Counterfeit Health Supplement Sales


Police CarA man from New Jersey is charged with selling counterfeit versions of health supplements on Amazon.

According to 6ABC Philadelphia, Brad Snyder, 47, a resident of Marlton, was arrested on Sept. 26 for counterfeiting GutConnect 365, a digestive and gut health supplement made by NatureMD.

He sold the products on the popular e-commerce platform Amazon under the business names “Apexx” and “Miracle Tonics.”

According to the Evesham Police Department, Snyder put cinnamon and sugar in jars and passed off the product as a health supplement.

“He would print labels that mimic the product. He would put materials in there that mimic the product,” police said. “He would heat seal them, so it looked like they were produced in a factory.”

Snyder began his counterfeiting operation in November 2021 and swindled buyers out of more than $130,000, according to police. Police raided both Snyder’s home and a storage facility in Marlton.

Snyder is now charged with theft by deception, counterfeiting and the use of a computer for criminal activity. He is currently being held at the Burlington County Jail.

The investigation began because of customer complaints, police said. Amazon notified law enforcement after they were informed them of the counterfeiting.

“In this case, Amazon and the impacted brand notified law enforcement of the suspected illicit activity through a joint criminal referral, which led to the investigation and ultimately the arrest of the bad actor and the seizure of counterfeit products,” Amazon said in a statement.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to Evesham Police Department.