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NSF International and DYT Partner to Develop Functional Product Standard in China


NSF International, a global public health organization and a leading certifier of dietary supplements, met with Diao Yu Tai Food Biotechnology Company (DYT) in Beijing recently to sign a cooperative agreement and discuss development of a functional product standard and certification program in China. An established name brand for more than 800 years, DYT is a leading developer and provider of organic food and Chinese medicine-based functional products in China.

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“We recognize NSF International as the leading global standard developer and certification body for public health, especially in the dietary supplement industry,” said Xu Wenhai, chairman of DYT. “This is why we have established a strategic partnership with NSF to develop a functional product standard and certification program.”

NSF International operates in more than 170 countries including China where it has multiple locations and an accredited testing laboratory in Shanghai. A recent strategic discussion between DYT senior management and NSF International included presentations from Kevan Lawlor, president and CEO of NSF International; Dr. Lori Bestervelt, executive vice president and chief technical officer of NSF International; Yu Sulian, chief advisor to NSF China and Dr. Laura Liu, NSF’s health sciences division manager, China. Topics ranged from NSF International’s history and mission to the importance of good manufacturing practices (GMPs), dietary supplement testing technologies and NSF’s standards development processes.

“As a global public health organization, we are committed to protecting and improving human health and the environment,” said Lawlor. “From our discussions, it is clear that Diao Yu Tai is committed to quality and helping ensure the safety of consumers as well.”

According to DYT, introduction of the functional product standard and certification program will help ensure functional product quality throughout the supply chain. With the cooperative agreement signed, the two organizations expect to issue the first functional product standard and certification program by 2018.

For more information, visit www.nsf.org.