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Seppic Expands Range of Ingredients for Dietary Supplements; Addresses Digestive Health Market With Anagenix

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Seppic (France) offers new ingredients for dietary supplements, developed by Anagenix, for the French market of digestive health.Seppic

Consumers invest more and more in their health and well-being by resorting to dietary supplements. The French market currently represents 2 billion euros. Digestive health is the third biggest segment, all distribution channels combined and ranks second in pharmacy.

Specialty ingredients supplier, Seppic offers ingredient ranges targeting well-being and vitality. These active ingredients, specifically developed for the nutraceutical market, are natural, safe, clinically-proven and compliant with quality and regulatory requirements of dietary supplements. Willing to address its clients’ current expectations and to support this dynamic market, Seppic wishes to expand its nutra range towards gut health. 

In collaboration with Anagenix, a supplier from New Zealand, exclusively relying on plants to create ingredients supported by clinical trials, Seppic now distributes two new active ingredients, Actazin and Livaux, which expand its range of nutraceutical ingredients. 

Actazin and Livaux are natural solutions made of kiwifruit powders for digestive health maintenance. Actazin contributes to gastrointestinal comfort, while Livaux is a patented precision prebiotic, contributing to gut microbiome balance. Livaux was elected “Prebiotic of the year” for the 2020 NutraIngredient Awards in both the United States and Asia. In 2021, Livaux is a finalist for this title for the European NutraIngredients Awards.

The ingredients featured are subject to registered trademarks and are designed for the food supplement and functional food markets.

For more information, visit www.seppic.com.