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SIRIO’s Nutra-Innovation Team Tackles Global Demand for Novel Mood and Stress Health Formulations


SIRIO Group’s (China) global Nutra-Innovation Team is rapidly intensifying efforts to create new formulations in different delivery formats for mood and stress relief. The team’s focus follows a year of global lockdowns in which consumers faced significant challenges. This has led to a rise in demand for products that enhance personal health and wellness—mind and body—with formulations that boost mood and reduce stress in strong demand.

The Nutra-Innovation Team is part of SIRIO’s commitment to innovation and cross-functional collaboration. The team, Sirioconsisting of scientists and industry experts across North America, Europe and China, works together on developing solutions around emerging trends. This allows brands to respond quickly without compromising on quality.

“Having a global team gives us insights into industry trends worldwide. In the U.S., ashwagandha, a traditional ayurvedic herb shown to help relieve stress and support relaxation, is a leader in the category of stress management,” commented Karla Acevedo, marketing manager – Americas at SIRIO Pharma. SIRIO has developed several formulations with this key ingredient. 

In Europe, the Nutra-Innovation Team has identified hops, saffron, lavender and hempseed oil as rising stars – ingredients that help support focus, mood and calm, and meet the growing consumer demand for natural, plant-based products. In fact, SIRIO Europe will be introducing new soft gel products with these ingredients by the summer of 2021. 

“SIRIO is dedicated to the research and development of novel products. We work on identifying key consumer health categories and introducing innovative product solutions for our customers using new or existing ingredients that have been studied for safety and efficacy – stress and mood are very popular categories right now,” said Dominique Baum, PhD, managing director of SIRIO Europe. 

In China, the Nutra-Innovation Team is developing a line of gummy products using new gummy technologies. The line features gummy products that combine an attractive appearance and scientific design. For example, the team has developed a center-filled, plant-based and sugar-free gummy product that promotes relaxation and calm before sleep. The main active ingredients are GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) and theanine. The flavor profile of the product is scientifically designed – peach and oolong tea in the filling and jasmine and lavender in the outer layer. This leads to a multidimensional experience for consumers.

For more information, visit www.siriopharma.com.

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