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Vitux Opens New Production Facility in Canada to Expand Smart Chew System


On August 15, Vitux opened its first North American location to better meet growing global demand for its Cutting the ribbon - Left- Vitux CEO, Klaus Neumann. Right- Vancho Cirovski, President SofTab TechnologiesSmart Chew system, which packages nutrients in a chewable jelly matrix. The new production facility in Windsor, Canada adds much-needed capacity to Vitux’s parent plant in Norway, according to the company.

Non-GMO Project

Vitux is the originator of this new delivery format, the company stated. Made using patented ConCordix technology, Smart Chews are now used in a rapidly expanding list of dietary supplement formulas for omega-3s, multivitamins, immune support and vision health.

“Smart Chews are gaining popularity because they are specifically designed as a dietary supplement,” said Vitux Group CEO Klaus Neumann. “Unlike gummies, they aren’t just a candy that has been repurposed as a nutritional delivery system.

“There are major differences between Smart Chews and gummies,” according to Neumann. “Smart Chews are highly bioavailable and can carry clinically relevant dosages. They have solved the biggest compliance issues with omega-3 EPA and DHA due to their soft texture, which makes them easy to chew and swallow, and great taste without the commonly reported fishy aftertaste experienced with other formats.”

The new Vitux Canada facility will support the company’s expanding North American customer base. Vitux Canada is aiming to achieve Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification, unlocking the potential of serving customers from Australia to the Far East who are awaiting access to ConCordix Smart Chew technology.

Vitux Canada will also produce the company’s first vegan-friendly Smart Chews, using a pectin-based jelly matrix and algae oil as an omega-3 source.

“Vitux has been building a strong team in Canada for years, including management from Norway and Canada as well as a highly skilled production team assembled locally in collaboration with SofTab Technologies, Inc.,” said Neumann. “Customers can be assured the same technology and quality standards will be in place at Vitux Canada as we have in Norway.”

For more information, visit www.concordix.com.