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Wellomics Drives R&D Change

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Wellomics, based in Maine, creates partnerships to accelerate the development of food supplements, functional foods, beverages and personal care products. Wellomics’ proprietary formulation technologies to maximize bioavailability and pinpoint market research to ensure brand differentiation make its products unique.

“Our products combine science, technology and IT with nature to create products that impact bodies at a cellular level,” said Mark Neveu, PhD, Wellomics founder and former CEO of the National Foundation of Alternative Medicine.

At the heart of Wellomics business-to-business model is a commitment to use rigorous science with proprietary “omics” research capacities to provide the latest formulations. In addition, Wellomics backs up its formulations with validation studies on products so consumers can rest assured that they are getting the desired results—that is—increasing their health spans.

Wellomics is positioned within the academic and commercial R&D industry with its offices located at University of New England’s School of Pharmacy and pending collaboration with Harvard Medical School and other prestigious scientific institutions.

“Introducing the Wellomics team’s experience to our industry is an opportunity for us to collectively change the paradigm for the better in dietary supplements,” said Eric Schnell, business development partner. “Our team is excited to create new relationships within our industry including new start-ups such as Yogi Cameron Ayurveda, and larger established brands in the industry.”

For more information, visit www.wellomics.com.

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