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Backstage With The Brands

Albion Minerals®

It’s commonly known that branded ingredients offer the customer a level of scientific backing and security not easily attainable with generic ingredients. In addition, branded ingredient suppliers are often an invaluable source of marketing and merchandising support for both finished product manufacturers and retailers alike. Below is a sampling of some popular branded ingredients on the market today, and how the companies behind them are stepping up to provide transparency and support.

UC-11 from InterHealth Nutraceuticals

Benicia, CA-based InterHealth Nutraceuticals decided to enter the branded market to give its customers something more. “Offering such valueadded ingredients allows nutraceutical companies and food and beverage manufacturers to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and make unique claims substantiated by research,” explained Paul Dijkstra, the company’s CEO. “Strong intellectual property helps assure product claims. High-quality, effective and safe ingredients that provide substantial benefits increase consumer value, differentiate products and secure competitive advantage.”

The company’s UC-II® is a natural, patented, clinically proven, undenatured type II collagen, sourced and manufactured in the United States for joint health. “It is a natural collagen concentrate that holds promise for increased joint health for millions of people whose lives have been affected by joint problems,” said Dijkstra. UC-II is backed by clinical data showing that just 40mg per day increases joint comfort, mobility, flexibility and quality of life.

In fact, one such randomized, doubleblind research study showed that not only did 40mg of UC-II per day increase joint comfort, flexibility and mobility, but it did so more effectively than 1,500mg of glucosamine plus 1,200mg of chondroitin. In addition, study results showed that a small 40mg daily dose of UC-II is more than two times as effective as 2,700mg of glucosamine plus chondroitin in promoting complete joint health. It outperformed the glucosamine/ chondroitin combination using three different assessment tools: WOMAC, VAS and Lequesne functional index. UC-II was also shown to improve quality of life. “UC-II significantly improved pain during daily activities, including walking on a flat surface, performing heavy domestic duties, ascending stairs and while resting in bed,” said Dijkstra. “These are extremely important benefits as everyday activities can Become difficult tasks for people who suffer from osteoarthritis. UC-II was also shown to be safe and well-tolerated with no known side effects.” In addition, the ingredient is showing promise in dogs and horses, via two other recent studies.

According to Dijkstra, manufacturers might want to consider using UC-II in a formulation for many reasons. First, it requires just a small dose of 40mg per day. Secondly, the ingredient is flexible and can be added to existing formulas, replace ingredients or launched as a standalone. Finally, it’s an ingredient backed by science and made in the USA, in a GMP-certified facility with lotto- lot traceability.

Manufacturers have a variety of delivery forms to choose from with this ingredient. “UC-II is extremely application friendly, which allows it to be used in a wide variety of beverage applications.

UC-II has been shown to be stable during various pasteurization and aseptic processing conditions and will work in any beverage, including juicebased and dairy-based RTD beverages.UC-II should have no or insignificant impact on the sensory or organoleptics of a finished product,” explained Dijkstra. “Sachets and shots are an excellent choice for UC-II and have shown to be very popular with consumers because of their convenience.”

Nordic Naturals (Watsonville, CA) utilizes UC-II in its Omega Joint Xtra, combining it with EPA, DHA and glu-Cosamine sulfate. “The research was thorough and compelling,” said Jennifer Root, the company’s quality assurance manager, with regards to why the company chose UC-II. “UC-II had been shown to work more quickly than glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin combinations, so it added new marketing dimensions to our existing omega-3 and glucosamine sulfate product.”

“When a manufacturer uses one of our branded ingredients in their products, they can rest assured that we have the safety and efficacy research, product claim substantiation, intellectual property protection, quality control and documentation needed to support their product,” Dijkstra concluded.

Phase 2 Carb Controller from Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.

According to Mitch Skop, senior director of new product development at Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. (Kearny, NJ), Phase 2 Carb Controller™’s success has been so great that it has spawned an entire line called the Three Phases of Weight Control; the line includes Phase 2 in addition to Phase 1 Hunger Controller™ and Phase 3 Sugar Controller™. “Our thought is that no One ingredient can thoroughly change body weight, and that there is no magic pill, drink or elixir that can,” he said.“The logic behind the Three Phase approach is simple: we found that we could reduce hunger by over 20 percent, that we could reduce the absorption of dietary starches by 66 percent and reduce the absorption of sugar by over 20 percent. Combined, it’s a sensible weight loss/control program.”

Specifically, Phase 2 offers manufacturers unique regulatory status and security in a category that is often a target for conspiracy in the lay media.“Especially right now, marketers of consumer products—especially weight loss products—need to focus on safety and efficacy as they pertain to what claims can be made,” Skop said.“Fewer markers risk regulatory exposure to the FDA, FTC and NAD, and that’s why Pharmachem’s specialty ingredients are important.”

Further, the company’s vertically integrated system allows a level of application specificity not found with many suppliers. Pharmachem can alter an ingredient to suit most applications, whether it is a food, beverage, tablet, capsule, confection or other option, said Skop. “Some of our ingredients are available in application-specific forms,” he added.

If that’s not enticing, manufacturers who utilize the company’s ingredients gain access to its www.lifesowell.com

Consumer website, or can create their own interactive community of stories supplied by shoppers who are enjoying success with the brand’s Three Phases ingredients. “A ‘before and after’ approach to marketing is always a powerful motivator,” Skop added.

Golden, CO-based Whole Health Products, LLC utilizes Phase 2 in its Phase2 Starch Blocker and Phase2 Cr Starch Blocker Plus products. According to Todd Spear, the company’s senior vice president of product management and development, Whole Health Products’ decision to use Phase 2 was a simple one. “Any branded ingredient is a value proposition, but we don’t always choose a branded ingredient over a generic one,” he said. “Some branded ingredients offer nothing other than a brand name, a collection of generic, sometimes ambiguous research, and a marketing budget directed solely at industry executives.Phase 2, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of that. Pharmachem has invested in a significant dossier of clinical research demonstrating safety and efficacy.I do not know of a generic ingredient that has anywhere near as much research demonstrating either the same level of safety or efficacy. Additionally, when it comes to marketing, Pharmachem is the absolute best. In my 10-plus years in this industry, I have never seen a product so well marketed to the consumer.”

Spear explained that Pharmachem has created a public awareness of not Just the ingredient’s name, but how the ingredient works. “When a consumer calls and asks for a name brand ingredient, we take notice,” he said. “We only add products to our line that have sufficient research to demonstrate safety and efficacy.”

“Twelve years ago, Pharmachem decided to diversify from value-added goods and services and to enter into the field of specialty ingredients,” concluded Skop, “Now after a dozen years and millions of dollars, we have a number of ingredients that have sufficient safety and clinical data to substantiate claims.”

Bioenergy RIBOSE from Bioenergy Life Science

Bioenergy RIBOSE™ from Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) is widely used in foods and nutrition for energy enhancement, operating by accelerating energy recovery in hearts and muscles, reducing fatigue postexercise and improving exercise performance over time. It is patent protected and FDA GRAS affirmed.

Unlike other ingredients, Bioenergy RIBOSE has the ability to quickly fill the volume of ATP. “Other compounds turn ATP over, but only ribose can quickly restore the volume of ribose at the cellular level,” explained Kathy Lund, the company’s vice president of marketing and sales. “In addition, ribose is fast acting and does not require loading.” Bioenergy RIBOSE is very stable and easy to apply in a variety of product forms, added Lund.

While every cell in the body has the ability to make ribose, the metabolic pathway used in ribose synthesis is slow and rate limited, explained Lund. When stressed, the body’s inability to produce ribose limits ATP (adenosine triphosphate) synthesis, restricts the formation of important cellular compounds and delays tissue recovery. “Stressed cells simply cannot make energy fast enough to keep pace with demand,” she said.“Supplemental ribose administration significantly accelerates energy recovery.

“Bioenergy Life Science, Inc. is an integrated life science company whose core technology is centered on a fivecarbon Carbohydrate D-ribose,” said Lund. “In fact, we are the ‘Ribose Company.’ Under evaluation is the use of ribose for pharmaceutical applications, and the thought to enter the ingredient market was to provide ribose to a broad base of healthy individuals such as athletes, Baby Boomers and those searching for energy from natural sources.”

Since entering the branded ingredient market, Bioenergy Life Science has been dedicated to providing marketing support to its customers. “Bioenergy RIBOSE has a strong public relations effort to increase the awareness of ribose,” said Lund. “The most recent efforts resulted in an article in First for Women by Dr. Memhet Oz on how to fight fatigue.” In addition, the company participates in an active program of sponsoring Olympic athletes, and these athletes are available to customers for testimonials and event marketing.

Los Angeles, CA-based Jarrow Formulas uses Bioenergy RIBOSE in its ribose powder and chewable supplements.According to Jarrow Formulas Consultant Dallas Clouatrte, PhD, the company decided to align itself with a branded ingredient for two reasons.“First, the manufacturers of branded ingredients have a stake in the quality of the names they have invested in making known. Therefore, quality control tends to be better,” he said.“Second, branded ingredients often bring their own marketing, hence improve the visibility of products.”

When asked why Jarrow chose to use Bioenergy RIBOSE over other branded ingredients on the market, Clouatrte’s answer was simple: “Bioenergy pioneered the use of ribose in this industry.”

Peak ATP from TSI Health Sciences, Inc.

According to Larry Kolb, president of US operations for TSI Health Sciences, Inc. (Missoula, MT), the company offers the one and only patented nutritional supplement that directly supplies the body with its ultimate energy molecule: adenosine triphosphate (ATP). “The body’s natural ATP levels and production decrease with age and exercise,” Kolb explained,Adding that red blood ATP pools decline by 50 percent at age 70 (as opposed to age 20), skeletal muscle ATP synthesis reduces by a margin of 50 percent from age 38 to age 68, and ATP declines in exercising muscles. “Peak ATP helps replenish these ATP stores,” he said.

Specifically, the ingredient has been shown to increase muscle strength by 28 percent and induce a better feeling among athletes in a double blind, clinical study. “ATP increases cardiovascular health, and reduces pulmonary and peripheral vascular resistance without affecting heart rate and blood pressure,” Kolb explained. “Clinical studies show that 0.5mg plasma ATP induces eight percent vascular diameter and 17 percent increase in blood flow.”

Peak ATP® is appropriate for a variety of delivery vehicles, such as tablets, capsules, drink mixes and RTDs (readyto- drinks), though Kolb pointed out that the company will work with clients to overcome any challenges they may face with different formulations. TSI also offers collateral materials and technical dossiers to its brand customers. “These materials arm our customers with the critical knowledge and messaging that helps them educate and communicate the ingredient’s features and benefits to consumers,” Kolb said. In addition, TSI is always interested in cooperative marketing and promotional strategies that help both the marketing of the ingredient and the finished product on the shelf.

“The usage of Peak ATP in new sports nutrition will deliver significant, noticeable benefits to consumers that will contribute to growth and overall brand recognition,” Kolb added. “We believe Peak ATP is one of the most important ingredients in the global market, if not the most important. TSI is committed to Peak ATP long term, and we are dedicated to its success. Our mission is to make Peak ATP a household item that benefits millions of consumers around the world.”

Peak ATP is protected with five US patents, with additional pending patent applications in the US and worldwide.

Albion Minerals®