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Benexia Builds High-tech Facility Dedicated to Chia


The first production facility dedicated to the processing of food-safe chia is now in operation in Arica, Chile, according to Sandra Gillot, CEO of Benexia, a major supplier of chia ingredients.

Non-GMO Project

“The facility will produce the most technologically advanced forms of chia available today for specific food applications,” said Gillot. “With nearly 12,000 square feet of production and storage capacity, it will be capable of meeting the growing demand for superior quality, 100 percent natural, clean label, non-GMO (genetically modified organism) chia for the near and long term.”

According to Gillot, the facility features Benexia’s patented MicroTech milling technology specially designed for chia. “MicroTech is a natural and organic process that disaggregates the chia in micro-particles and guarantees the best shelf life, nutritional content and stability for this 100 percent natural, allergen-free chia extract,” said Gillot. “For instance, MicroTech provides a high quality product with particle size distribution 100 percent under 125 microns— Xia Powder 125, exclusively designed for beverage, nutritional supplements and liquid applications.”

The technology also enables Benexia to produce Xia Powder 435, ground to within less than 435 microns standard. This powder provides a new source of plant-based protein, fiber and healthy lipids, that when ingested may help facilitate digestion, reduce carbohydrates and calories due to its high fiber content. This particular ingredient is created for use in bread, pastas and bakery products.

Arica, home to a major seaport, was chosen as the site for the facility because of its strategic location near Benexia’s chia growing fields and cleaning facilities. The new processing plant is halal, kosher, organic, IMO and FSCC 22000 food safety system certified.

For more information, visit www.benexia.com.