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CRN Launches Campaign to Educate Consumers on Dietary Supplement Label Changes

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The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced the launch of an education campaign to inform consumers of upcoming dietary supplement label changes and to encourage overall label literacy. Calling specific attention to the “Supplement Facts” label changes as mandated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the “Label Wise” campaign offers easy-to-understand information on what consumers can expect to see when shopping for dietary supplements over the next couple of years while companies come into compliance.

“The ‘Supplement Facts’ label had not been updated for many years and it was time for the labels to reflect the current science and nutrient needs of Americans,” said Brian Wommack, senior vice president, communications, CRN. “With the support of its members and a creative outside agency, CRN has developed a campaign that accomplishes many goals, in particular, communicating that Supplement Facts labels are changing to better provide consumers the information they need to make informed choices about their health.”

On the campaign’s website, www.BeLabelWise.org, visitors can view a two-minute video that explains some of the key changes, such as updates to daily values and measurements for specific ingredients. In addition to the video, the Label Wise site features a consumer fact sheet, an infographic, an interactive “how-to” for reading a Supplement Facts label, and a stakeholder toolkit. 

“The campaign’s assets are intended to assure consumers that the label changes are positive and helpful. However, they will only achieve that if they reach consumers, which is why we are looking to industry and other stakeholders to help spread the word and share the Label Wise content,” said Wommack. 

The stakeholder toolkit hosts educational content that can be used by anyone and customized to meet brand requirements. For organizations that have a consumer following on social media, there are numerous graphics with accompanying text available for easy posting. 

“By mandating the label changes, FDA presented an opportunity for industry to encourage label literacy among its consumers and also to demonstrate that the industry is regulated and a partner with FDA in promoting industry transparency and consumer education,” said Wommack. “Seventy five percent of Americans take dietary supplements. If your organization has a consumer base, chances are it includes dietary supplement users. We encourage everyone to engage with CRN on the Label Wise campaign.”

To access the Label Wise stakeholder toolkit and other resources related to the Supplement Facts label changes, visit www.belabelwise.org

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