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Gilad&Gilad Announces New Patent for Agmatine Treatment of Osteoarthritis

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There is an unmet need for a safe and effective dietary supplement by millions of Americans who are coping every day with Gilad&Giladgreat challenges to their joints health. It is, therefore, timely and of cardinal importance that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed Gilad&Gilad (Georgetown, TX) a new patent titled “Agmatine Compositions for treatment of Osteoarthritis.”

The new patent, number: US 11,622,949 B1 (issued on April 11, 2023), is a significant landmark achievement for Gilad&Gilad. It grants the company a unique market position by providing exclusive rights to tell users that agmatine and agmatine-containing compositions, which contain effective high amounts of the neuroprotective ingredient agmatine, known to support resilient nerve activities, can also afford healthy joint functions.

“The observed ineffectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents, together with accrued physiological evidence, indicates that irregular nerve functions underlie the tremendous discomfort caused by challenges to osteoarticular, or joints health. There is still an unmet need for safe and effective dietary supplements by millions of Americans who are coping every day with great challenges to their joints health and with threats to maintaining proper nerve functions,” said Gilad&Gilad’s CEO, Dr. Gad M. Gilad.

He pointed out that “there is a scarcity of dietary ingredients which support resilient nerve functions known to contribute to proper joints activity. Agmatine with its postulated shotgun-like mechanism of action is so unique, because as a single dietary ingredient it provides neuro-protection by modulating, potentially synergistically, multiple molecular mechanisms which underlie the cellular stress response. And importantly, agmatine exerts its salutary effects without causing unwanted side effects and it is not addictive.”

As to the question of other indications, Gilad said that “for now, there are no additional health-related indications which are backed by clinical studies. That agmatine is touted for muscle building, is totally unsubstantiated and is hyped by outright false claims.”

According to Gilad, the company has made substantial investments in scientific and clinical studies, as well as in developing its intellectual property concerning agmatine-containing products. “This patent is of considerable value to our company in providing protection to our discoveries and investments. Encouraged by this achievement, and based on existing scientific evidence, our company is planning clinical studies aiming at substantiating structure/function claims for additional bodily functions,” he added.

For more information, visit https://fornervehealth.com.

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