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Hosoda Nutritional and B&D Nutritional Ingredients Announce New U.S. Distribution Agreement

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Hosoda Nutritional (Fukui, Japan) and B&D Ingredients (Vista, CA) announced a new agreement providing exclusive rights for B&D Nutritional Ingredients to market and sell Hosada Nutritional’s Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol in the U.S. market.

Shinya Hosoda, CEO of Hosoda announced the signing of a a multi-year distribution agreement, noting the companies patented Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol is a natural, unaltered resveratrol source extracted from the seeds of the melinjo (Gnetum gnemon) tree.

“It has been studied for more than 10 years, mainly by Japanese universities, confirming that the efficacy of Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol is at minimum 2.6 times higher than standard trans-resveratrol,” said Hosoda. “There are a comprehensive number of clinical studies supporting the health benefits of Melinjo Dimers, including longer life expectancy with increased stamina, lowering blood sugar level and reducing visceral fat.”

Bill Van Dyke, chairman and CEO, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, said this new agreement will offer select customers who value the product’s inherent strengths a better, natural resveratrol product.

“We’re excited to be named Hosoda Nutritional’s exclusive national marketing and sales team. B&D is proud that Hosoda chose us to steward and grow their leading product,” said Van Dyke.

According to Hosoda, this is an important moment in Hosoda’s history. “It represents the culmination of our transformation to the U.S., during which we responsibly sourced, secured, manufactured and grew the Melinjo Dimer Resveratrol market in Japan and now have carefully selected B&D for our next wave of growth.”