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IBN Updates Facilities For Improved Production

Albion Minerals®

California-based Ingredients by Nature (IBN) has announced the latest upgrades made to its Brewster and Montclair facilities. The upgrades will allow IBN to improve multiple processes for better ingredient production and customization and for further precautionary improvement of employee work conditions.

IBN logoFor 80 years, IBN’s Brewster brand has been recognized as a leading source of citrus bioflavonoids and probiotics, the company stated. The Brewster facility now includes a new probiotic blending room that is designed to increase capacity and support colder temperatures for probiotic strains that exceed traditional standards. IBN has also added two new freeze dryers and a Munson 1,500 kilo blender, allowing the company to better deliver citrus flavonoids and ingredient customizations to its customers that carry the IBN Quality Seal.

For the Montclair facility, IBN has reformed both the small and large micro powder machines and purchased three sets of screw conveyors, two sets of automatic vacuum feeders and a powder diaphragm pump. This will help achieve continuity and stability of raw material and product transfers, reduce labor intensity of workers and also improve output and product quality and production cost, while eliminating the phenomenon of dust environmental pollution. The facility also has two new 1200-type ultrasonic rotary vibrating screens to more effectively ensure product granularity control and screening efficiency. Two sets of liftable slurry tanks were made, effectively improving the production efficiency of the high-efficiency granulator and the boiling granulator for improved slurry quality of each batch. Finally, a 3000BL electric stacker has been implemented to reduce the risk of injuries during a large feeding operation.

“When the company was first founded, we promised ourselves and our customers that we would deliver ingredients of exceptional quality. Updating our facilities is a part of that promise,” said Rob Brewster, president of IBN. “By increasing production capacity and quality, we can ensure that our customers are getting the best ingredients and customizations available. We take good health seriously and are happy to know we have expanded our capacity to improve the world’s health through natural supplementation.”

The upgraded facility is organic certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) association. It is also SGS and NSF certified to demonstrate full compliance with national regulations and standards and sanitation expectations for safe consumption.

For more information, visit http://ingredientsbynature.com.