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Rob Brewster, Ingredients by Nature

Rob Brewster Rob Brewster

Ingredients by Nature
5555 Brooks St.
Montclair, CA
Phone: (909) 230-6200
Website: www.ingredientsbynature.com

Ingredients by Nature (IBN) formulates, manufactures and markets science-based ingredients, proprietary extracts and formula innovations for applications in dietary supplements, functional foods & beverages, cosmetics and animal nutrition. IBN currently offers more than 300 ingredient variations, including various citrus-derived ingredients, along with its custom, contract manufacturing and powder processing services. IBN recently launched two formulations of its lemon flavonoid blend Eriomin for prediabetes management and for a healthy gaming lifestyle.

As a third-generation ingredient manufacturer for the natural products industry, Rob Brewster said he is proud to be part of the health and wellness world. He has followed in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps, helping their company, Brewster Foods, grow since he joined in the 1990s and then partnering with Syntech to form IBN, the world leader of citrus bioflavonoids and extracts. As president of IBN, Brewster takes pride in citrus science and continues to invest heavily in citrus flavonoid science for condition specific applications and holistic wellness. He holds degrees in business marketing and biology from California State University, Northridge.

NIE: IBN and its legacy partners, Brewster Nutrition and Syntech International have more than 80 years of combined ingredient manufacturing experience and service to the health food and related industries. What is your vision for the future of the company?

Brewster: Ever since my grandfather, and then my father, started developing health solutions derived from citrus, we have been recognized as a pioneer in the industry for being among the first to deliver citrus flavonoid ingredient formulations and have since become a world leader in the category. My grandfather made it his mission to spread the concept of a healthier life through nutrition, and with Bo Zhu’s, CEO, additional citrus extraction expertise from Syntech, his legacy endures as we continue to bring to light the impact citrus flavonoids have on overall human health.

As such, we plan to continue building on our IP and the clinical science around our citrus flavonoid extracts. In addition to further extending the ingredient line of our lemon flavonoid blend Eriomin, we have plans for multiple human clinicals with other novel citrus flavonoids.

NIE: What is the Ingredients By Nature Quality Seal?

Brewster: Our Quality Seal is a daily reminder that quality is king. This applies to our products and to our exceptional quality service. This seal was one of the first things we created when our company started, and acts as a promise to ourselves and our customers to deliver only the finest natural ingredients, formulas and custom processing. As part of that promise, we work with our growers to ensure consistent and responsible sourcing that meets the highest standards.

NIE: In January, IBN launched Eriomin Esport. How is the ingredient beneficial for gamers and what are your thoughts on the future of the healthy gaming lifestyle category?

Brewster: Eriomin Esport takes a tri-pronged approach to healthy gaming by addressing blood glucose levels, inflammation response, and antioxidant activity. By targeting functions within the body that relate to those, Eriomin Esport is able to provide protective support for eye and ear health, cognitive performance, fast reaction performance and faster body recovery.

Video gaming is only going to become more popular and more competitive as more generations are growing up actively playing video games in their homes. These generations will also be some of the most health conscious and best educated, and will actively seek out ways to improve their gaming performance, endurance and recovery via research-backed natural products that supplement their efforts through diet and exercise.

NIE: IBN supports Vitamin Angels, Players for the Planet and The Jason Lutz SIDS Foundation. Why did the company choose these foundations in particular and what does it mean to be able to support them?

Brewster: Our company is founded upon an ideal to make the world a healthier place and without a doubt, Vitamin Angels is one of the best ways to make a difference. Vitamin Angels is a top-notch charity that we have been honored to be involved with for many years.

Players for the Planet was an opportunity to combine our love of sports with our desire to provide a positive impact on our environment. Created by an ex-major league baseball player, Chris Dickerson, Players for the Planet helps eliminate plastic and paper waste used by athletes and creates additional opportunities to help keep our planet clean.

Jason Lutz died of SIDS when only 4 months old and his uncle is our production manager. We like to support our employees and their families as much as possible and, through the Jason Lutz SIDS Foundation, we also know that we are supporting vital research helping to keep our children alive.

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